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Day 89 doing fine!

Posted in Quit experiences 03 Jul 2016

No it hasn't been all smooth sailing but I have not made smoking an option.

I had a mighty rough couple of days last week where I suddenly wanted a smoke, not one, a whole pack .

All reasoning went out the window. I was using my spray double to get me through the pangs. It was truly awful.

But I knew I would totally regret the decision to buy a pack and just couldn't do it.

My first thought was money,🤔 second thought was "hey, your a non smoker" you've hit over 80 days.😳My 3rd thought was, you've got COPD🙄

I imagined myself puffing away and immediately felt sick. 🤒

So I had a nip of brandy and sat back and relaxed playing FarmVille of all things. 😄

Glad to say I survived the ordeal and remained smoke free 😎

So the moral to the story is, No matter how many days into your smoke free life,

you will get a craving at some point,

but you will get over it in a short time!💪😄

My Mum is staying for a week and even though she is smoking outside, it seems to want to travel inside. I've had to send her out in the ..I'm so mean!😬

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  • Miss lizzy July 03, 2016 | 13:18
    Your not mean at all, your awesome and maybe even your mum might quit after seeing all the postive changes in you😱
  • IC July 03, 2016 | 18:43
    seems to be as time goes by and we do not smoke we learn we don't need a smoke to do what we do.

    well done !!


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