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How I Smell

Posted in Reasons to quit 28 Jun 2016

The number 1 reason (at the moment) I love that I have quit smoking is because of how I smell!! My hair smells of my shampoo and I smell like my body wash the whole way through between washes and not just a few hours or even minutes, I can smell my perfume and deoderant all day ... I feel clean and fresh! 7 days smoke free today and feeling great!

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  • IC June 28, 2016 | 16:09
    that's smelling good :)

    well done and I am sure there are other positive reasons too to be smoke free .

  • WhiteWillow June 28, 2016 | 18:17
    Well done Tanzee, I noticed that too when I stopped. I expect you feel less embarrassed to be near non smokers now too. Your skin will begin to brighten as your circulation improves and your lungs will be filling with clean fresh air. So many reasons to stay stopped. Well done on 7 days, that's amazing. You're amazing.
  • Steve01 June 28, 2016 | 19:21
    Great work Tanzee...yeah it's amazing when we quit how much you notice when someone who has just had a smoke walks past or standing near carrying the lingering scent of that cigarette.
    Keep on enjoying the quit journey.

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