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Taxing times

Posted in Staying quit 27 Jun 2016
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I've been a non smoker for 8 days, and I'm so proud of myself, but I got to thinking, with the up coming elections, were is the government going to get all the lost tax revenue from all of us who have quit smoking, as from the last budget over the next 5 years they are predicting 54 billion in taxes from cigarettes ( I'm not sure how true my 54 billion is but it was a figure that stuck in my head) so I was just thinking and of course, now I know we're there going to hit us next ( because since quitting, my sweet tooth has reared its ugly head and my sugar consumption has increased,don't worry I'm not going to turn into a diabetic ) a sugar tax , I don't think that a sugar tax will be the best solution to obesity, we all know what we need to do but we don't, anyway I thought it could be a good thing to use as a distraction from when a craving monster hits , keep strong sweet hearts, muwwwa 💋🐾😀😜

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  • IC June 27, 2016 | 15:27
    they just introduced a sugar tax in the UK LOL so don't hold your breath pardon the pun, no breath holding here is there LOL

    well I paid my share time for someone else to cough up not excusing that pun that's a howler BIG SMILE>>>>

    sugar hits the same spot in the brain that nicotine does so its real normal for us to intuitively grab sugar, I did and I know how the brain works with this stuff, but at day 90 nicotine free I am off all sugared drinks and have some dark choc like the 70% and only half doz bits not the whole block :)

    my point is its pretty normal and then its stops working so am back to eating much less sugar and working that down further as time goes but I needed it in the 1st couple months. and I had a plan and its slowly plan otherwise I get of the air so easy does it but do it.


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