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feeling proud

Posted in Staying quit 25 Jun 2016
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Hi everyone I hope everyone feels as good as me I helped my daughter clean her room today and she kept asking for a break ,I had to ask her to stop asking for a break because when we had breaks before it was so I could have a smoke so instead it was a drink break hehehe and only 1 I definitely feel like I'm making so many changes for the better plus I made a cake for the family I cannot tell you how long its been hence its all gone happy family

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  • IC June 25, 2016 | 17:30
    your doing well willson :) sure sounds like a good day today, what I see is that if we stay smoke free on the crappy days the good ones come too and we are so grateful we didn't smoke on the crappy day for some reason we cant even remember.

    so well done and glad you had a good day with the family :)


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