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Posted in Getting started 18 Jun 2016

hello people. i decided to quit today. it's been building up - the desire to quit, but something has switched in my head. i WANT to quit. I'm excited about the prospect that i won't be a slave to nicotine and i'll be here for my loved ones. i want to live. have any of you felt great when not smoking for a whole day or 2. i feel good the first 2 days and then i get cranky day 3 & 4, and then give in. 4 days has been my max. i'm going to use gum i think, cause it takes that edge away when i get cranky. drinking is a trigger I'll need to work around. thanks for sharing your stories - it's inspirational to be here :)

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  • Flora June 18, 2016 | 13:45
    Hello and welcome wendles. Congrats on making the decision to quit. You have done it before and Im sure you can do it again. That switch that you talk about is the major issue....your head must be in the right place, you must stay focused and positive. Chewing gum is an excellent way to help. Also, try to stay away from the triggers. Im not sure what quit method you're using but good luck and keep reading and posting on your can do it!!
  • WhiteWillow June 18, 2016 | 17:08
    Hi wendles, the first few days are tough but you have your mindset sorted so just take it one step at a time. Hour by hour, half a day, a day and so on. Stay away from smokers, they will be jealous that you can stop and may try to tempt you back. Stay busy, stay positive and you will do this. The important thing is to keep trying. All the best, we are right here with you.
  • IC June 19, 2016 | 0:57
    its a piecemeal thing we don't get delivered in a blinding flash of light, at least that's not how its going for me , if you got a blinding flash and deliverance I totally jealous.

    my point is your on the right track :)

  • Farooq, South Western Sydney June 19, 2016 | 12:02
    Welcome to the club. Its easier for people who have tried multiple times as they know what it feel like and how to tackle it the next time. Its my 6th day of smoke free and at times i really think of having just one but the thing that keeps me going is i don't want to start all over again because smking even one will take you back to square one and believe me who ever has left smoking will never want to start all over again.

    So be strong and yes keep yourself busy. This is a great platform to keep yourself busy and discussing anything that comes to you mind. This site has helped me a lot and i would recommend the same. Whenever you get cranky put a nicotine gum in and start typing :).

  • manchild June 20, 2016 | 9:43
    Wendles70 - you can do it! Once you understand your addiction and the lies your mind is telling you, then nicotine starts to lose its power. When it gets bad, the nicodemon is screaming for survival. Don't have any mercy on it. Don't smoke and you will cast him out!
  • SeeShell, Hunter New England June 22, 2016 | 19:10
    Hi everyone, I'm in the same boat as wendles. I'm on day 3 and just had two in the space of an hour. Not feeling good about it as the first 2 days are really tough. Iso this going to put me back to square one and make it even harder? Sorry if I've hijacked your post but I understand these first few days. These success stories do seem to help just wish I popped over here before I had those nasty things!

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