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14 days smoke free

Posted in Staying quit 02 Jun 2016

It's been 14 days since I decided to become smoke free. I'd tried a few times before but clearly not successfully. The first few days were the worst with moments of loss, cravings and feeling lost. Though I still have moments of "pause" and reach to my bag, it only lasts a split second and I laugh at myself, reminding myself I no longer smoke and what an idiot I was for smoking. I smoked for 13 years and was on about 14 a day. Now I've stopped I can't imagine why I ever started and I realise how much of my life I've got back. I worked out that I was smoking for over an hour a day. I’ve had a few challenges along the way – my partner still smokes, which I thought would make it more difficult, but actually it didn't. He's making his own mind up to stop and, as he can see what a difference it's made to me, he will decide the change will be good for him in his own time. The support from this site has absolutely made the difference to me quitting for good. My friend and her husband visited at the weekend and they were both smoking too but I just didn’t want one, it didn’t even occur to me to ask for one. Two weeks on and I feel alive, really alive! I've invested in a fitbit and am exercising every day, ensuring I'm up to my minimum of steps and activity. I have more energy and more lung capacity - I managed a 2.5k run yesterday in 15 minutes and I didn't have jelly-legs afterwards or screaming-lungs. My recovery time was severely reduced too. My hair and skin feels better, I'm getting less gunk off my skin when I wash my face in the evening and I feel calmer. There are NO reasons to keep smoking and so many reasons to stop. Well done every one of you who has stopped and even if you slip up, keep trying to stop, you’re so worth it (as the advert tells us).

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  • Iwillbeatit, Western NSW June 02, 2016 | 20:56
    Well done WhiteWillow. You have a great attitude and I found extra exercise was a great help to me and also kept the weight off. Reading the stories on this site was also invaluable. All the best for a smoke free future (I am up to 215 smoke free days but I do remember how great I felt when I had made the 2 week mark).
  • Flora June 02, 2016 | 21:27
    So good to hear your story and how you have come along. Congrats on a fantastic effort, you should be very proud.
  • WhiteWillow June 02, 2016 | 21:57
    Thanks, guys, you gave me the strength to get this far. Iwillbeatit, you're right the exercising has been twofold - keeps me occupied and keeps the weight off. I've not put a pound on and though I am wondering if I am now addicted to the fitbit - it's certainly the lesser of two evils, ha ha ha ha.
    Thanks, Flora, you're amazingly supportive - you have no idea how much your pearls of wisdom and encouragement have done for me stopping.
  • Flora June 02, 2016 | 22:23
    Thank you too, it is so nice to know that I have somehow been helpful to you, I love that! You have also given me some great pointers and been very supportive...very much appreciated.
  • Siobhain-Marie June 03, 2016 | 0:28
    Well done Whitewillow you're doing fabulous!! I was smoking since I was a kid and have been for 35 years and up to 40 a day :( So pleased for you :) I think we can all do this :D PS what's a fitbit? :O
  • IC June 03, 2016 | 0:38
    well done WW on the smokes , but enough showing off with the 2.5K in what 5 mins ??

    that's like a sware word there are old people present that have never heard such language , so now say sorry :)

    and thanks for the reminder that there is more to stopping smoking than stopping smoking :) :(

  • WhiteWillow June 03, 2016 | 16:06
    Ha ha ha, sorry, IC, it won't happen again. It was in 15 mins though, blimey if I'd made it in 5 mins I'd be superwoman.
    A Fitbit tracks your daily activities as well as your sleep. It suggests a number of steps to do per day to keep you fit and active. I really love it.
    Thanks for all your warm wishes and have a fabulous weekend.
  • Steve01 June 03, 2016 | 16:45
    Great going WhiteWillow ! So looking forward to reporting 2 weeks when it comes. Ahhhh yes... "have a fabulous weekend" My first coming up, the wind down time, relax, Saturday morning cigarette with coffee ...Gonna have to me on my guard especially when my wife lights up after breaky... It's bad enough staying off the grog for the first two weeks let alone the smokes. Ah well ..gotta man up and deal with it as I have done before :-(
  • IC June 03, 2016 | 16:51
    Thanks WW I will check out the fitbit it might get me moving more :)

    your doing great well done !!

  • WhiteWillow June 03, 2016 | 18:44
    Steve01, Don't fret about the weekend mornings. Get your phone at the ready and when you have your coffee open up icanquit, that's what got me through the first Saturday and Sunday mornings. Then make a plan for the rest of your day. You'll be surprised just how much extra time you have, so make sure it's filled. You're doing brilliantly and enjoy all that extra time you have.
  • manchild June 04, 2016 | 12:28
  • Larney11, Northern NSW June 04, 2016 | 22:21
    Cheers Whitewillow. ! Wow 2 weeks and so many positives have emurged.. Im going to get a fit machine too now you've talked me into it! 😄

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