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Illawarra Shoalhaven

Smoking and anxiety

Posted in Getting started 31 May 2016

I'm giving up again after so many attempts. I've had two kids and given up smoking when pregnant and breastfeeding both of them, and so frustrated at myself for starting again. I think I sometimes look at it as a reward, and I deserve to smoke because I stopped for so long...go figure!

This time though I am finding it is a major cause of anxiety for me, and ruling my thoughts throughout the day, so it is definitely time to give it away again. I am really day two, but had a slip up last night and had one cigarette. Anyway here we go again, just keep calm and breathe right?

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  • WhiteWillow May 31, 2016 | 16:08
    You can do this. Fight the fear, you've done this before many times so you can do it one last time. I have faith in you. Are you doing it cold turkey? Sounds like you are. Just take each hour at a time for the first two days. You are so much stronger than you realise. Be kind to yourself and prepare a reward for staying off the smokes. A manicure or something after the first week. Good luck
  • IC May 31, 2016 | 18:22
    that's funny and the nonsensical thinking smoking does or we do to keep smoking I will have a smoke to celebrate being smoke free.

    think about it and you will then understand that voice is ???


  • Flora May 31, 2016 | 18:32
    Hello....I also stopped when I was pregnant and for a few months after each idea why i took it up again, perhaps same reason as you...also my husband smokes so the cigs were (and still are), always around. Stay positive, focused and just take it slowly...smalls steps. Chewing gum, sugarless lollies are is reading these experiences. Good can do it!
  • storm, Murrumbidgee May 31, 2016 | 20:28
    Welcome let'sgoagain, that first day is a hard one, 22 - 24 hour mark was always my downfall, this time I made it past that and now I am 78 days smoke free.
    We all have good days and bad thing the trick is not to give in. So we take an hour or day at a time and move forward slowly forward to a new life.
    This forum is very supportive, the stories and comments can give us great encouragement, and ensure that we are not on our own. Post your own stories, writing them can be great therapy.
    I wish you well on your journey
  • weewillem May 31, 2016 | 22:15
    My downfall has been being with friends who smoke. I think, oh I'll just have one of theirs, two, three, four, doesn't count becsuse I hsven't bought any. NO, I must be prepared in advance to refuse these outside influences!
  • weewillem May 31, 2016 | 22:20
    Anxiety - it's like grief, isn't it - anxiety about ever being able to smoke again. Welcome freedom, never HAVING to smoke again, being able to breathe freely, not having to find the money to purchase another packet. Just one cigarette is the beginning of a chain of hundres or thoussnds of cigarettes - yukkkk
  • Mig, South Eastern Sydney June 01, 2016 | 20:22
    I have managed the first smoke free day better than expected.Just have to be strong.
  • letsgoagain, Illawarra Shoalhaven June 01, 2016 | 20:38
    Thanks everyone. 1.5 cigs over 3 days. Day 1 -1, day 2 - 1/2 and today 0. Woo. Easy getting through work. Now going to bed early. Haha. Feeling strong and so less anxious. Now to keep it up!
  • WhiteWillow June 08, 2016 | 1:50
    Hi, how are you getting on?

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