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Day 2 (yet again)

Posted in Getting started 22 May 2016

I have had aeveral attempts at quittinf, but this one is going to stick! Not using any NRT as I believe that can be as bad as smoking. But, I am as sick as a dog (a sick dog that is), so that makes it easy not to smoke when you're awake all night smoking.

Using manchild's analogy, I am leaving that old person behind and am morphing into a new, more motivated, non smoking person.

Also, I am madly in love with a gorgeous chap, I don't want him to suffer from my smoking.

I saw an advert on SBS a couple of days ago where a mature coupke are lookong into each others eyes lovingly at the hospital. He is going to die of a smoking related disease. It was very poignant

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  • weewillem May 22, 2016 | 21:41
    Can't edit your stories, meant that U am up all night coughing!
  • IC May 23, 2016 | 9:15
    its not so easy for some this quit smoking thing, but it is doable if we see there is a reason, reason for me I didn't want to die just yet.


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