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Drink Green Tea HOT (not boiling hot)

Posted in Hints and tips 21 May 2016

Just my experience and now over two weeks free of smoking, green tea has helped me, in the following way: Relax, replace the habit of smoking or holding a cigarette and subdue in part the cravings of tobacco.

just my experience so far, Enjoy. :)

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  • manchild May 21, 2016 | 23:45
    Funny, I am drinking Green Tea as I type my reply to you..haha.. ! I also drink Ginseng tea
    I still feel I need to do something with my hands and mouth as I used to smoke with my hands and mouth, so now its lifting cups of tea to my lips and sipping liquid.
  • IC May 22, 2016 | 0:08
    sure there could be much worse stuff to be doing :) well done.

    not a hot drink person but I sure understand the hand mouth thing.

    I type a lot keeps my fingers busy, chew gum and eat things I shouldn't , um arh, working on that one.

    had a friend quit years ago she carried a penicil or similar and when stressed sucked on it like a dummy worked for her.

  • WhiteWillow May 22, 2016 | 2:40
    I was doing the same at work but I think the smoking at home felt a bit naughty, so I've decided that a strong coffee will trick my body into thinking I'm being naughty. Don't tell, but it's actually decaf
  • weewillem May 22, 2016 | 21:32
    Great idea, at keast it is much healthier than drinking tea or coffee
  • Larney11, Northern NSW May 22, 2016 | 21:43
    tottally agree on the tea!! There's a few here doing the tea thing . everyone has a different tea! Love my green tea!,
    I'm doing about 5 cups of green tea, 5 Rooibos and 2 pots of lemon and ginger and honey! really does help replace the hand mouth thing, as well as the he heat sensation . And relaxing as well as detoxing and hydrating.
    Here's to tea! CLINK! 😋🍵

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