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The Fog of quitting

Posted in Quit experiences 07 May 2016

Hi All

Still coming to terms with the quitting process. Really appreciate Man Child and IC posts.

It should get better after all this time. Should be on the upside.

I guess because I used the smokes as a crutch instead of dealing with other issues. Back soon with more positives.

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  • IC May 07, 2016 | 23:09
    seems its not happening as fast as I would like, I went out done couple hours moving medium exercise this morning knocked me out for hrs I just slept , and I want to beat myself up.

    when the reality is I near killed myself and 38 days I want it fixed :) I have just tears of gratitude right now that I was able to go do what I did and yeah its hard recovering from all that smoking and it can be mentally so exhausting for me and its not so much fun at times, but you know what's 1 million times harder is to keep smoking.

    I know I am recovering when I write this I have tears rolling down my check why?? because I haven't had a dirty cigarette today and there is just a little glimmer of hope that maybe before I die I can do just some of the things I dreamed of as a kid that the smoking didn't allow me to because I was to sick worn out and dying, maybe I wont get to do any of them but I am going to lay on my death bed one day knowing I had bloody go at getting better from 30+ years of smoking.

    I didn't let it steal everything from me I had a bloody go as the Aussie saying goes I fought the good fight and if that's all I got from not smoking then I will be happy with that :)

    thank you for your thoughts and encouragement it means a lot and you have helped me more than you will ever know !!

  • manchild May 08, 2016 | 14:21
    Hey guys,
    I did too much exercise over the last few days and I think I've made myself a little ill from it. Being overly zealous now means I have to rest in bed for a day in order to recover - LOL!
    Good thing is its day 67 without ciggies.
    Friend of mine told me yesterday that I should declare myself a non smoker and quit thinking about it but I'm quite happy and feel safer believing that I am a recovering addict.
  • Anne55, Southern NSW May 08, 2016 | 20:41
    Thanks guys. Guess our recovery is always on different paths. Yep, better to say I am a recovering addict. Nearly did the cavein last night, but did not.
    That is good. thank you both for your posts and sharing your journeys.
    Good wishes to you both.
  • manchild May 08, 2016 | 22:28
    Its good to have you here Anne55. Today I felt sad about my weight gain but the joy of having a whole bunch of nicotine free days behind me outweighed those feelings. I'm gonna try cutting down on sweet drinks and try to drink more plain water or tea without milk or sugar over the next few weeks if I can. I'm having Japanese tea as I write this.

    Glad for you that you did not cave in last night and glad that you shared it.
    Peace be with You!

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