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Posted in Staying quit 02 May 2016

Tomorrow I'm going to be 60 days smoke free. I must say I am humbly proud that I've managed to stay off the puffs and any form of nicotene. As for eating, that is another topic altogether. I need comfort food now and again. I also need comfort in general but I guess that is a basic human need which I somehow tied to smoking in the past. Recently I've managed to hold back the weight gain a bit by eating things that don't blow me up. That way I can eat more and am actually eating less if you know what I mean. Of course I'm not perfect and I drank too much beer on Friday but am glad to say I did not light up. I did open the door of the smoking room in the pub to speak to someone and am glad to say I closed it again. LOL!

My wife still smokes on the patio and together with her female friends they litter the area with smoke and ash trays. I can't really say anything much because to do so would make me a hypocrite, since I was doing that too not so long ago. Its easy to forgive her and her friends because I am not jealous they are smoking and feel sorry for them.

My daughter made a joke when I complained about the smokers, saying that its payback time for me!! I know that secretly my daughter is really happy that I've quit. She used to ask me to quit so many times in the past but she has not done recently because I figured that she gave up all hope.

I'm going to slow bike for a while after I get off this blog. I'm going to buy an isotonic lemon drink and enjoy sipping it every 10 minutes of light exercise.

Just like you all, I'm going to learn to live without cigarettes and get used to doing other things in the place of sucking on an awful hot burning tobacco filled paper cylinder. I need to unlearn one day at a time. I know that some people have said its real easy and they don't think about ciggies anymore but for me I think I need to work at continually de-programming myself to ensure that my foundation gets stronger as time goes by.

I want my wife to quit but I'm not going to use the fact that she still smokes as a reason to interfere with my own quit!

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  • IC May 02, 2016 | 15:43
    all well said, congrats on the 60 days!! :)

    I was out for a walk this morning and wondering what the hell it is I am meant to be doing :(

    I am 34 days spent all weekend on the internet watching footy, reading stuff , eating crap, now time to start on turning that around its like turning the QE2 it takes a bit and need some room, but its doable :)

    so happy no nicotine today everyone.

  • jenno211058 May 02, 2016 | 22:03 are doing so great, be so proud of yourself, at times you have to be selfish about your own needs, so pleased you handled the pub situation, your wife n friends on the patio..let that be their space, was yours once, you have moved on, its not your scene, thats your have a much brighter future without smoking....
    As for gaining weight, well you certainly are not on your own there but sometimes you can just handle one issue at a time, but remember our bodies metabolism has had a very major shock, and we try to make compensations,
    Day 60, high 5s. Look at the bigger picture, but just take one day at a time.
  • IC May 03, 2016 | 0:12
    yep well said.

  • Anne55, Southern NSW May 03, 2016 | 22:01
    Unlearning is the right answer to quitting. Well done on 60 days.

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