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7 months

Posted in Quit experiences 26 Apr 2016

Today marks a very big milestone in my journey to be a Non Smoker

Today is 7 months or 224 days of not putting a smoke stick to my lips,

Into my 30th week.....@$120.00 a week saving $3600.00 which I have stashed away,

I still have the Nicotine Demon just waiting for me to slip up, but I'm just determined not to give in.

I am surrounded by smokers so now I think I will die of being a passive smoker..

If any of you who have followed my journey to being a Non Smoker, I had mentioned that I had my smokes on the table in a container as I smoked Rollies, well those smokes are still on the table..untouched..

I was just sooooo determined stubborn pigheaded to succeed......

The best thing about not smoking is not smelling of smoke weather it be on my clothes or in my enviroment or smelling of having a cigarette on my breathe..

I very much hope to report in again to share my story about myself on my

anniversary of 1 year.

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  • storm, Murrumbidgee April 26, 2016 | 21:23
    Congratulations jenno211058, you are such an inspiration to me and I am sure a lot of people on this forum. I have taken a lot of what you have said and integrated it into my journey, I like to think I have developed a stubborn streak that allows me to dig in and get past any desire to smoke thank you for your stories and the support you have given me particularly in the early days
  • manchild April 27, 2016 | 1:06
    Well done jennno211058 Glad to see someone go before me and succeed and come back to tell he tale!
  • IC April 27, 2016 | 1:31
    yeah super well done and thanks for posting we all need to know its doable and we need old timers to post :)

    I been stashin the cash too !

    well done again!!

  • Anne55, Southern NSW April 27, 2016 | 17:41
    Congratulations Jenno! Well done on your milestone. Awesome that you can leave those smokes on the table.
    Thank you for being an inspiration and thank you for your help in my early days. It makes such a difference to newbies to know that it really can be done, maybe your stubborn streak rubs off on us?
    Thanks for coming back and enjoy the hi 5's from this site.
  • Alleycat, Northern NSW April 28, 2016 | 17:53
    Congrats Jenno and yes, such a great proud!! Your stories have helped me along my journey too and I thank you for that. Day 97 for me today and feeling proud!
  • jenno211058 April 28, 2016 | 18:40
    Thank you for your words of encouragement, yes I still need them, as I just wasn't a casual smoker but very much an addict, 60+ a day during the last 7 months of smoking and I had been smoking for 45+ years, so yes I always say that I have the Nicotine Demon on my shoulder just waiting for me to slip up.
    But I have the determination to stay smoke free, still have pangs, but it is very brief, I am surrounded by smokers but I just find the smell stinks, then I think I was very selfish when I was a smoker....I never cared who I smoked around, just as long as i had my smoke.....and being the fix..
    Nicotine is a very hard habit to break, but when you have achieved your goal...sit back and take note on what smoking really done for us while we were smokers....then take note what you have achieved by being a non smoker, being a non smoker would win hands down.. great you have have done soooo well...hi 5s to 100 days n beyond.
    Storm....I have counted your days as well on your journey, and what a great achievement.

    If you want something badly enough, grasp it with both hands, I was and still am determined in my goal, and it will always be ongoing, so your goals are still very much do
    able, you may slip along the way on your journey, get up..brush yourself off..and start again...but never loose sight of your goal.

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