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Hunter New England

The stress

Posted in Getting started 25 Apr 2016

I started early and now it's my biggest regret. I have tried multiple times to give up but now with mine and my partners life moving forward I feel the need to give up. It's a costly habit that we can't afford if we want the things we have at the moment.

I'm going to find it hard because I have accute anxiety and whenever I feel an anxiety attack coming on I have a smoke.

I would be interested in knowing what other users have done in order to help with the stress and cravings that don't involve nicorette or nicotine patches, chewy, etc.

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  • IC April 25, 2016 | 16:25
    you know nicotine is a stimulant so the lie is it helps with anxiety the reality is it makes it worse.

    nicotine is a liar the trick it plays is to hit dopamine receptors in the brain for an instant feel good, but the high price we pay for that little feel good is huge.

    heroin hits the same place its why nicotine is hard to stop.


  • manchild April 26, 2016 | 4:40
    Hi Sophia95

    All of us who are giving up feel the same way you do. I quit cold turkey about 54 days ago. I really know about anxiety attacks. I had a massive one about 1 week after I gave up smoking. I was in a tiny conference room showing some powerpoint presentation to a few customers. I had to lie to them and tell them I needed to go to the toilet because I had a really serious panic attack! I didn't want them to know that I could not speak or function. I know that in the latter days, the smoking actually causes my panic attacks. Funny how we started off smoking to release stress but in the end the cigarettes make us stressed. IC is dead right about nicotene playing tricks with our brain. We need to recognise and train ourselves to hate the filthy liar and cheat called nicotene. Nicotene makes you feel good for a brief moment and then you need more.

    I know from personal experience that I need to stop all forms of nicotene. I am addicted to nicotene, so patches, ecigs, chewies etc are not for me. Maybe they work with others but not for me. I needed to cease having any intake of nicotene in any form and now it seems to be working one day at a time. Its not always easy and I need to talk about my addiction with others, even in my home with smokers..LOL!
  • Sophia95, Hunter New England April 26, 2016 | 11:22
    Hi manchild and IC,

    Thanks for the advice guys and manchild I feel the same I have tried nicotine patches, chewy, etc and they have only made me want a cigarette more. It's quite comforting to know that you have managed 54 days without smoking whilst others in your home smoke. My partner also smokes and he's not ready to give up so I was also concerned about him smoking with me around. But with your story I feel it is possible so thank you!

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