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Mounting Pressure

Posted in Quit experiences 24 Apr 2016

It's currently day 54 and I just went through an extremely difficult week in my professional and personal life. I was pushed to the brink in both areas and when the thought turned to smoking as a means of dealing with the pressure, I was met with the realisation that even if I picked up a smoke, it would offer me no solace, it would have no positive effect. It would only add to the despair that I felt.

This lead to me having to actually deal with my emotions and manage my stress, rather than suppressing it and moving on. Kind of a sobering thought, but a positive one I suppose.

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  • IC April 24, 2016 | 1:09
    well put and this sounds like recovery from smoking to me !! thank you for sharing.

    I think if we are to stay stopped something has to change inside us and that all happens differently for all of us, but it must happen if we are to remain smoke free and stay smoke free for good.

    I been on explode mode myself and its time to look at why and deal with it and move on, I cant seem to make decisions and stick to them I feel anger brewing which is a secondary emotion usually covering some form of fear or sadness even the inability to deal with grief in a healthy way.

    so well put and a timely reminder for all of us if we are to stop smoking and stay stopped we need to deal with why and how we smoked in order to have some peace and remain stopped.

    like I have said before there is a whole heap more to stopping smoking than stopping smoking.

    25 days for me.

  • Anne55, Southern NSW April 24, 2016 | 18:29
    I wish that I had had your insight some time ago. Professional especially.. yes they added to despair and not wishing to deal with issues. have a smoke and it will go away . It does not.
    Thank you for sharing and I hope that new people on this site read your post and take it on board. Having a smoke never cured anything - it was just a delay tactic
    So positive from you. Good luck on your journey.

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