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Day 90 and feeling anxious

Posted in Quit experiences 22 Apr 2016

I have not caved in or even craving a smoke but at night while watching tv I start to feel anxious; sort of jittery and I don't understand why.

This has only started in the last 2-3 weeks. When I settle in to watch tv I'm usually relaxed and most nights go to sleep in the middle of what I'm watching. But lately it's like I can't sit still ( shaking my legs etc. I even feel jittery on the inside like my tummy is doing somersaults

The only thing I can think might be causing it is my previously mentioned surgery and being housebound plus today I had to have a steroid injection into my shoulder joint......I don't know I'm just guessing but if anyone has some ideas I'd like to hear them!!

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  • IC April 22, 2016 | 23:13
    I sure am no Dr so cant even make a guess at any physical thing it might be so seeing a Dr to check for physical reasons might be the 1st stop.

    2nd if it a psychological thing and you are unsure what it is talking it out with someone like lifeline can help find why I have anxiety , and then at least I have a chance to work through the feelings for what ever it might be.

    life without smoking seems to be a bit more raw and things seem to feel a bit more , so for me learning how to deal with my feelings in as a healthy as way as possible is going to help for sure !!

    I have been smoke free 24 days and feelings are more intense and I have to deal with them in some degree or I end up with a smoke in my gob, so yeah even going out in the bush and screaming till I cant scream any more and wore myself out and go home and sleep, what ever works right.

    there's a reason smoking is hard to stop and its got nothing to do with cigarettes for the most part.

  • butthead, South Western Sydney April 28, 2016 | 16:58
    Not sure what it is, smoking seems to be a woven into our fabric. Keep up the good fight and your true self will see the light. I picture myself as a child sometimes and try to remember when I didn't need anything, just happy to be. Not craving or wanting, just content.
  • Alleycat, Northern NSW April 28, 2016 | 17:30
    Thanks IC and butthead. IC I'm sure you're right about feelings and feeling raw. Thinking about it I have been taking things that have been said or happening within my family too personally. I can't go out bush and scream so I'm looking into doing gentle exercise classes or hydrotherapy that will help my pain and take my mind off things.
    Butthead.....wouldn't it be nice to just be content...sigh!!

    Day 97 for me now!

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