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Posted in Quit experiences 22 Apr 2016

Today I am on day 51 without a cigarette and I am glad I have not smoked for this time. I drank too much booze a few days ago and lost control a bit and feel fragile now.

I am feeling guilty at the moment because sometimes I do things I regret (don't we all?) when I drink but I am happy I can breathe and am not smoking a pack of cigarettes in the hope that nicotene will cure my guilty feelings. What lies I have told myself in the past, thinking that smoking will solve or make my problems better!

I'm wondering after qutting fags I might want to quit other things e.g. booze. Haha! I don't think I'd be the only one thinking this way.

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  • IC April 22, 2016 | 21:27
    yeah one addiction doesn't cancel out the other one :)

    so yeah drinking to much isn't a good thing either from my experience , but we are dealing with smoking here and bit like drinking its the 1st one that does the damage. I don't take that 1st puff I wont set off the physical craving, and have a pile of shame to go with it from having a smoke which then makes me feel sorry for myself and so I have another smoke.

    or something like that :)

    so well done on being smoke free.


  • manchild April 23, 2016 | 3:13
    IC is right about the pile of shame which makes us feel sorry for ourselves so that we have another smoke or another thing we are addicted to.
    Let me pause for a second and think about what has gone through my mind in the past.

    Here is my old thinking -
    Oh, I've smoked for so long already, that it does not really matter if I continue to smoke. I've probably done enough damage anyway, so whats the difference? I might as well go on feeling bad about things because nothing is ever going to get better. Yeh, lets have a cigarette now - poor me!

    Here is my new thinking -
    I've given up for X days already, that is does matter. As I continue not to smoke I feel some recovery is taking place and its making a significant difference in my life. I must keep believing that things will get better and even if I don't have faith for that, I must believe that NOT taking a cigarette is a good step which shows me and everyone else that I am trying to work on something which is good in every way, not just for myself but for others who will see that I have given up smoking. I will be an example to others who want to give up smoking by not smoking. I am a positive influence by thinking this way. I will allow myself to feel sorry for myself for only brief moments and then pinch myself and say " Hey, you can't wallow in self pity forever and smoking is definitely not going to solve anything!"

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