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Posted in Quit experiences 12 Apr 2016

I am currently 42 days smoke free after smoking almost a pack a day for ten years. The week leading up to my quit date (March 1st) I made an attempt to cut down my cigarettes to less than 10 a day. This drove me nuts and made me nervous about actually quitting.

February 29th I smoked an entire pack and worried about quitting cold turkey the next day. March 1st was difficult and I constantly thought about where all my spare packets of cigarettes were. I threw them all out to avoid the temptation.

In the late afternoon, in the middle of an argument, craving set in and my mind wandered, thinking about leaving the situation, buying cigarettes and giving into the craving. I stopped and took a moment and decided that no matter what I did, I'd consider myself successful as long as I never bought another packet of cigarettes again.

Since then I've had my cravings, but I no longer fantasize about smoking. Instead I understand that they will pass within minutes and I'll go back to normal again.

I'm confident that no matter what happens and whether or not I have a slip up and smoke a cigarette, it's unlikely that I'll become a smoker again.

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  • Ol lady April 12, 2016 | 11:08
    Way to deny those cravings! You got this!
  • jenno211058 April 12, 2016 | 13:07
    Good on you, what a great achievement. 42 days..
    Cravings will always be a part of an ex smokers world, but its how you cope with these cravings can be the biggest challenge..
    Cravings can hit at anytime of the day, but it's only tempory and will pass..
    Stay positive and on track of what your goal is.
  • IC April 12, 2016 | 13:53
    its not really a physical craving after 42 days is it? its a thought process that we used to use to cope with well "what ever" and after doing that for me 30 years + its a change in how I cope with life and changing a habit, the physical craving is gone after how long??

    I still feel the crap in my body after 14 days but I sure don't want a smoke yuk !!

    so well done on the 42 days not everyone has the courage to face themselves with out a smoke!!


  • Dobbin April 12, 2016 | 18:13
    Well done Genstar. I was told to take really deep breaths when the cravings came on and it really worked. As has been mentioned the cravings are no longer physical but thought processes. I have been smoke free for 7 months now and these cravings are rare. But I have to be on guard. Good luck and well done. Dobbin
  • Gebstar, Sydney April 12, 2016 | 18:41
    Deep breathing was one of the things that helped me deal with cravings early. 10 deep breaths would usually settle things down.
  • Fullofhope, South Eastern Sydney April 12, 2016 | 22:42
    Well done for thinking it through. I agree with everyone above - I still get a whim for a ciggie nearly every day and sometimes more than that. It's usually when I am stuck in traffic, had a run-in with someone at work or are feeling bored. They were all times when I smoked to relieve the anxiety. Deep breaths are also my first port of call, then if it continues and I am able, a brisk walk. It never lasts more than ten minutes.

    I would say don't even let yourself have a slip up. I remember one particularly bad afternoon and I thought that maybe if I only smoked that afternoon I could return to non-smoking the next day. But that behaviour would have taught my brain that smoking was a good and acceptable way of coping and I am really trying to re-train this stubborn brain of mine.

    Good luck and keep posting as you are inspiring us.

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