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1st 4 days

Posted in Quit experiences 01 Apr 2016

1st 2 days thought I was going to die , like heron withdrawals total crazy stuff, smoked for 30 years odd so 4 days in, feel better than the 1st 2 days, still feel the nicotine in my body, I am doing this cold turkey I will add. I knew this day would come where I was sick and tired of being sick and tired and 100% wanted to stop, so one day at time or one craving/thought at a time, I need never smoke again !! keeping track of my triggers being tired seems the biggest so far, and that's not a craving its a psychological response to being tired and also being tired takes away some logical thought , tired self runs more on emotions.

so that's a quick share for today hope I can share more as I go and remember if I can do it so can you and if you can do it so can I.


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  • Anne55 , Southern NSW April 01, 2016 | 18:53
    Hello IC
    Best I can give you is to look at all the previous posts of so many people out there who are supporting new quitters such as you and I.
    They are gold. So many awesome insights in to quitting this addiction.
    People on this site understand addiction to the smokes and how to get rid of it better than anyone else, as they have been through the process of getting rid of it.
    Each person's journey is unique.
    Good luck. When you are tired, if you are able to.. (sometimes life does not enable you to).
    Take a rest. Even just 5 minutes...that will get you past the need for a smoke.
    Each person's journey and dealing with it is very different.
  • Anne55 , Southern NSW April 01, 2016 | 18:56
    Meant to say.. cold turkey is the way to go. the only way. Put other drugs up, reading the posts .. they are seriously scary.
  • IC April 01, 2016 | 20:08
    thanks Anne55, I know I spent the 1st 2 days in bed reading posts on here wow I was sick, hope I never forget either like most addicts forgetting the way it really was goes 1st maybe that's the drugs trick or the insanitary of smoking I cant do anything cause I cant breathe who forgets that for another puff???
    only another addict yes?? so remembering what it was really like is the gift from all this and if I was to pray that would be my prayer don't ever let me forget what it was like, so that's why sites like this are so very important to see it can be done and to remember what it was really like! that's addictions greatest trick ! "it wasn't really that bad" so I be nice to me and real truthful to the con man in my head.

    thanks for the support very much needed and appreciated !!

  • Anne55 , Southern NSW April 01, 2016 | 20:49
    Go get away con man. You were only ever a four inch stick of vegetable matter. I like that one from ? somewhere.
  • IC April 02, 2016 | 5:43
    yeah no nicotine replacement for me :) yep its a crap habit and now on day 5 so just for today I do not need a smoke. or a 4" stick of cut up leaves really when you think about the insanity of smoking its a real con job isn't it , oh dear !!

    have a good one guys !!


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