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69 days......

Posted in Staying quit 31 Mar 2016

Over the past weeks I have been really stressed out and that nicotine demon has been whispering in my ear constantly! I was coming up with every reason just to have one puff but I'm proud to say I didn't give in. The past few days I haven't even thought about any smokes which is a plus, but I'm sure the demon will return and I will have to fight him off again using willpower and deep breathing. I hope everyone is fighting their nicotine demon and telling him to get lost!!

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  • NO4me, Murrumbidgee March 31, 2016 | 15:50
    Day 34 here the lat 3 days have been good but i guess your post is what people mean about it never really goes away just a day by day and sometimes minute by minute
  • Alleycat, Northern NSW March 31, 2016 | 16:03
    I'm hoping it's not a day to day or minute by minute urge. I'm pretty sure it's because I have been confined to the house and restricted in a lot of things I can do due to having surgery on my hand. Before the surgery I was good; if I got the urge for a smoke I just got up and found things to do around the house but I have been in a cast for 3 weeks now and will be in a lighter one for another 3-4 weeks! I can't drive or do many things by myself and because I live by myself my daughter has been calling in everyday to help me shower etc......very frustrating! Good luck NO4me.
  • CanadaRoss April 01, 2016 | 12:58
    Keep up the great work Alley...I have 69 days today also..quit Jan 23rd...stay in touch and lets fight this together Ross
  • Alleycat, Northern NSW April 01, 2016 | 17:14
    Thanks CanadaRoss and a great effort from you too.....we can do this; we can squash that nicotine demon!!
  • Fullofhope, South Eastern Sydney April 03, 2016 | 0:37
    You should be so proud of yourself - this is an awesome achievement and I so understand how hard it must be with your hand in a cast. Someone said to me when I had a temper tantrum recently and wanted to smoke 'you'll just feel sick'. I didn't have one and I felt so much better a couple of hours later. But what really made me strong was knowing that the 'stinking demon' (to quote Nodrah) had reared its ugly face again and, knowing it was a demon somehow made it easier to conquer.
    You are doing fine - just keep at it and best of luck.
  • Alleycat, Northern NSW April 03, 2016 | 14:16
    Thanks Fullofhope, it is hard at the moment but I now know that I can beat the stinking demon under stressful situations instead of having just that one puff!!!

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