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Back again!

Posted in Getting started 28 Mar 2016

Dear All

I think I will take the prize for being a serial quitter! On line.

Not this time.

Lia - you gave me the plan to look at this website for the one post that saw the turn around from this addiction . And it is Wee Willem and you who tweaked the rest.

Just give up for the day.

Nothing terrible will happen.

Yes I am afraid of the hold that nicotine has on me.. but stay back devil. You are just a chemical.

I am better than you. I hope .

Jenno you are amazing and I celebrate your 6 months! Awesome!

No4me keep going you are awesome as well .

Thanks all.

Will promise now to keep posting.,

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  • Anne55, Southern NSW March 30, 2016 | 21:39
    Hi Jenno
    Gun is an LED torch, dammit,just wish to thank you for your time stuff it has been important today. I figure if I was Annie Oakley I would have done it by now! getting the fox. That will be work in progress.
    Day one almost done.
    Thanks for your support and the time posts.
    Keeping the time posts as my own.
    My best
    Anne 55
  • jenno211058 March 30, 2016 | 18:44
    Hi Anne55...or should I say Annie mentioned a fox getting close to your injured birds, I visualised you with a gun, hence the name Annie Oakley..
    Every journey starts in life with a step...with us being on the goal of being ex smokers it a time factor.....1 hour then 2 hours...then a few more hours...then thats day 1 taken care of,
    then we start another day...then another...then it becomes week 1...then another week
    passes....then it becomes 1 month...then another month passes...... time always passes, but we are always thinking about time factors...
    But the biggest thing to do is keep busy to keep the mind keep the hands
    busy..and change a few of the habits that we enjoyed while having the Nicotine fix..
    You can only give it your best shot, Anne 55

    Shortie.....keep up your great work, 6 weeks can seem like a lifetime
    Hi 5s to you.
  • shortie, Northern NSW March 30, 2016 | 11:31
    I am in my 60's and I have tried over the years to give up various ways. I in week six this time. Really it is the cost of smoking and it not being very social anymore that has made me more determined. I am now retired and cannot justify the cost. Very hard, my husband thinks I am doing well but he can't read my thoughts thank goodness.
  • Anne55, Southern NSW March 29, 2016 | 20:28
    Thanks Jenno.
    Nicotine devil is being booted out the door tomorrow morning. With a large boot.
    Reckon it will try and get in heaps of times. Great analogy as at the moment we have to put a barricade up at night to stop a fox attacking some injured birds we care for. My barricade will be in my head : it is not as smart as the wooden barricade as it was never addicted to nicotine. However, one boot at a time.
    Thank you for taking the time to post. And congratulations on six months.
    Putting my hand up ..high 5's to you.
    Back tomorrow evening with the story of the "proper first day" of drowning this horrible habit. hey, it may drown with the forecasted weather.
    Goodbye nicotine addiction.
    Will do it just by ticking off each hour. Tried to do the Allen Carr thing of the last cigarette and that failed miserably. Too scary.
    Hour by hour is manageable.
    Back tomorrow.
  • jenno211058 March 28, 2016 | 21:44
    Hi Anne55
    Today is another day, with goals n hopes, for our journey on the No Smoking trail,
    Stay focused on your goal and boot that Nicotine Devil to the door.
    Even though I have reached a major milestone in my journey of No Smoking, its through the feedback I get from other readers like you, that gives me the encouragement to succeed.
    Anne 55, you say you are a Serial Quitter, I take my hat off to you because even though you have stumbled along the way but you have brushed yourself off and are giving
    yourself the strength to give it your best shot again, you are definitely not a quitter,
    Keep up your progress reports to us cause we all need encouragement,

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