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Love for Loved Ones

Posted in Getting started 19 Jan 2012

I have been a smoker since I was 19, I tried many many times before and failed then I started setting up my mind that I'll quit when I'll get married. And finally I planned to get married this but by this time I forgot the promise I made to myself of quitting. So One day sitting on the couch my would be wife said that she like to get married to a non smoker, She told me how much she hatted smoking, That conversation realised  me of my promise and I started workin on it. As I set a quit date for myself, which helped me getting prepared mentally. Then One day randomly I thoght of throwing all my smokes and ash trays away. I cleaned up my car and removed every single trace of smoking from my belongings, I ditch my quit date and did this 2 weeks before that. for couple of weeks I also avoided my friends who used to smoke. since then I am enjoying my smoke free life.. Its so much of freedom one can only experience after quitting. So what one needs is a strong reason to quit. Love for yourself or love for your partner. True love will make it happen.

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