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Posted in Staying quit 23 Mar 2016
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Wow... I haven't checked in for a while and it's been 61 days smoke free!!! Mind you this past couple of weeks have been very stressful as I'm not allowed to use my right hand due to the surgery. I'm not allowed to drive so feel like I am going crazy, my daughter has to help me shower as I'm not allowed to get it wet. So yeah a few times I have felt like a smoke but did deep breathing instead. I was fine before I had the surgery because I could go and find things to do when the urge hit, but I have to think on the positive side and that it will be easier when my hand has healed.

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  • weewillem March 24, 2016 | 1:22
    Two months, good work! Perhaps you can get a job as a wall paper hanger, or a dishwasher while your hand heals. Good idea to deep breathe. That smoking must be getting less appealing every day?

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