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Wow, 2 weeks today!

Posted in Quit experiences 23 Mar 2016

Have changed my routine somewhat to make sure that I am busy and doing some exercise. I certainly do feel improvements in breathing. Am eating a bit of junk food, mostly popcorn. Starting to sleep better-it's all good.

I do have a fear of taking up smoking again, at this point I can't imagine wanting to smoke again.

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  • jenno211058 March 23, 2016 | 10:00
    You have done so great, proud of you.
    The Nicotine Demon thats sits on my shoulder is just waiting for me to stumble on my journey.
    I had a big startle just before waking up yesterday morning, I had dreamed that I was smoking just like in my pre smoking days, and yes I was really enjoying this smoke, wasn't even coughing, as i was smoking it., but deep down I must of been so disappointed with myself, that I woke up thing was that real?, I believe I felt content while I was smoking.
    This left me with a strange aura about me all day, so cannot let your guard down at any time
    Today is another day filled with positives.
  • weewillem March 24, 2016 | 1:39
    I'm waiting to hsve that dream-it seems to be quite common to dream of having taken up smoking again and then to wake up horrified because it was so real

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