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I don't understand

Posted in Getting started 15 Mar 2016

I don't understand. I have been cutting down for twenty years. I have gone from 55 a day, to less than ten. I still struggle with lighting up. I don't think I even need to smoke anymore. I'm clinging onto something false. The other day I did really well and only had one. I ask myself why I had to have that one? Anyway, I would like to share more often. I lack confidence. My progress has been slow. But I reassure myself because that's fifty cigarettes that I am not having every day. To keep it simple I should brush my teeth and do some crochet. I'll tidy the table and hang out the washing. I will say to myself "I don't smoke". I will visualise myself having a smoke free morning tomorrow. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

I am on a path. I look back far too often.

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  • shasha March 15, 2016 | 2:37
    What a wonderfully honest post,maybe this is your journey,everyone has a different one.Mine was full of slips,eventually it is working,like when I stopped drinking. 6 years ago..a day at a time.Believe x
  • VapeInstead, Northern Sydney March 15, 2016 | 19:26
    That was so lovely to read penelopejane.

    I can see your path to be a very bright one and one to take you where you really want to be. There are no more detours for you as you can see your destination now. All you need to find now, is a bin to put the rubbish in.

    Then count your days while enjoying your new found freedom. It's fun when you get into the ten's, then becomes very exciting when your into the hundreds, I wish you all the good fortune to have many thousands of fantastic days on your bright and happy path of freedom.

    Best wishes always :))
  • weewillem March 16, 2016 | 7:42
    Old nicotine doesn't want you to have any confidence - good for him, bad for you. Lucky you are stronger and more intelligent than him. Just think that you can get through this one day without nicotine. Each day will make you stronger and move you further from the path of nicotones hold over you

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