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3rd Day

Posted in Quit experiences 18 Jan 2012

Its the third day an im going mental, having crazy dreams last night where my best friend got abducted an then killed (from a show i was watching last night "Ringer"), i woke up balling my eyes out an reaching for my phone to call work to say that i couldnt come in today cause my best friend got killed....

Im very moody today an wanna crack it at so many people.... im sooooooo tempted to just walk across the road an buy a packet of smokes :(

Im not on Champix this time around an not using NRT an am finding it very stressfull to keep this up. Im going to try an push thru, but im feeling very weak right now :(

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  • kdv, Northern NSW January 18, 2012 | 17:28
    Hi Rhys
    I was trying cold turkey and coming very close to buying a pack, read alan carr's easyway to quit smoking book which really helped and have bought the mini lozenges cause my husband who was much heavier smoker than me quit using them 3 years ago and i figure nrt is better than smokes..good luck breathe, stay strong and if you have to do something lozenge or patch instead of smoke xo
  • kdv, Northern NSW January 18, 2012 | 17:29
    have also been drinking about 3ltr of water a day and eating many many carrot sticks :)
  • Bubbleytoes53, Illawarra Shoalhaven January 19, 2012 | 13:31
    Reading this just sounds like im reading an account of my last cold turkey quit.. It was horrific!! Within 5 days i had managed to find myself fighting with my Mum, my partner and 2 of my best friends because of my crazed moods.. So i understand your pain..

    If you want to quit cold turkey you just have to hang in there and ride it out.. I often found things like gum or going to the gym and punching the crap out of a boxing bag seemed to help relieve some tension..

    This time around im on patches and finding it MUCH easier.. Im not moody or emotional at all really.. Still get cravings and stuff but im not a complete and utter Psycho like last time.. Lol.. You may find some sort of NRT will help you when your feeling weak if your interested in it :-)

    Good luck, stay strong!!
  • Cara, South Eastern Sydney January 21, 2012 | 1:38
    Try Allen Carr's Book, it worked for me!

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