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Day 36

Posted in Quit experiences 27 Feb 2016

Still not smoking and feeling good within myself. I keep myself as busy as possible which is very hard at times due to bad arthritis in my hands; I'm actually on the waiting list for surgery. The pain gets me down sometimes but I have to say I haven't wanted a smoke because of it. I walk my dog once or twice a day but they are only short walks as he has arthritis too!!

I can honestly say I do not miss the smell of stale tobacco, cleaning filthy ashtrays, spraying air freshener everywhere to make my place smell better or the smell in my hair and clothes. But I am having trouble getting the smell out of my car which is disgusting.

I have reduced the NRT patch from the 21mg to 14mg starting today and so far so good.

Good luck everyone on their own personal journey.

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  • cath57, Illawarra Shoalhaven February 27, 2016 | 15:51
    Well Done Cheers to you for your now win, oils you buy from candle shops mix with a little amoral and clean leather, put oil into spray bottle add water and spray carpet weekly eventually smell gone.
  • jenno211058 February 27, 2016 | 15:52
    Alleycat, you have done sooooo great, hi 5s to you., yes I find it great not having the lingering smell from smoke hanging around wheather its around your home, car, or even on your clothes or in your hair...
    The greatest benefits I have found with my journey, is that beacause I work with
    customers, I used to always spray myself n pop in a mint to mask my stink smoke smell, now there is no need to go to that drastic measures to make sure I am presentable, but now I find some of my clients who smoke, just don't smell the tables have
    turned aye.
    May I suggest giving your car a good thorough clean inside, wiping everything even the seats, final wipe with something that has a lovely smell, travel with the vents open so the
    air is circulating, after awhile that smoke smell will disappear.
  • Alleycat, Northern NSW February 28, 2016 | 13:27
    Thanks for the advice ladies, I'll give them both a try.
    Jenno....I used to do the same thing, spray myself and suck on mints and yes, the tables have turned. Good luck to you both.

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