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Hunter New England

Last attempt.

Posted in Getting started 17 Jan 2012

Hi I am day 4 on Champix and am determined that this time I will be smoke free for the rest of my life. I have tried quitting before, once I lasted for 2 and half years. I am so determined this time that I have plans to stop myself from being weak and using smoking as my "stress" relief.  I have started to plan my diet and exercise regime. I look forward to sharing my journey with you all and supporting you on yours.

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  • eric, Western NSW January 17, 2012 | 21:48
    2 and half years of not smoking why did you take it up again? oh well i hope champix works for you all the best and good luck.
  • Heather January 18, 2012 | 21:28
    I had my first cigarette at the age of 13, I used to smoke at the bus stop and at school. By 17 I was smoking 10 a day. This increased to 20 a day and I was 39 when I gave up and had all the right reasons. I was good for 2 and a half years but was drinking with friends and had one cigarette, that was enough to undo all the good.
    Today I have set up my exercise room with TV and equipment, so I am motivated.
  • Bubbleytoes53, Illawarra Shoalhaven January 19, 2012 | 13:37
    Keep going strong - if you want it, you can achieve it!!
  • Cara, South Eastern Sydney January 21, 2012 | 1:39
    Try Allen Carr's Book, it worked for me!
  • Heather, Hunter New England January 22, 2012 | 20:52
    Day two as a non-smoker. I feel good. eating healthy, tackling my cravings with loads of distractions. Staying strong.

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