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How have I fought the cravings

Posted in Staying quit 31 Jan 2016

To answer your question Lia. Whenever a craving has hit me over the last 3 months I have done some form of exercise, eating but usually I try to have something healthy or some activity which has occupied my mind eg reading a novel, reading the inspirational stories of people on this site, funny and upbeat videos like the carpool kareoke videos, cleaning, etc - anything that will make my mind focus on something else until it passes. I also took your advice and gave my craving a name "Cruella de Ville" and I tell her that she is wasting her breath because the answer is "no I do not want a stinking cig" and the more I have been resisting, the less that evil friend has been asking. The saving of money and not smelling like an ashtray are also great motivators.

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  • Lia February 03, 2016 | 0:30
    Proud of you, Iwillbeatit. So glad Cruella de Ville will not be trying to tempt you when you reach a milestone. No doubt Cruella and Margaret are in cohoots and will try to think of a way you should reward yourself. And we all know what that reward is going to be... Sooo good to say no to that vile craving. Power to you!
  • Iwillbeatit, Western NSW February 03, 2016 | 11:38
    Thanks Lia.

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