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11 weeks smoke free, $939 saved and aprox 851 smokes not smoked

Posted in Staying quit 16 Jan 2016

I loved working out my above stats and the reason I had time to do it was I have not been wasting time and my health by smoking!!! This journey is hard and in the beginning when I read others saying it gets easier with time, I thought "when will it be for me" and I can tell you that they were right - it does get easier and the feeling of accomplishment at saying "no" and meaning it is empowering. Goodbye forever nicotine - you were a very toxic and negative friend that I never want in my life again! Best wishes everyone on your individual journeys I hope you all find something on this site or in your life that will help you to stay smoke free

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  • jenno211058 January 16, 2016 | 22:57 have done soooooo well, what a great personal achievement.
    Today I am 16 weeks smokes free, have been putting aside $120.00 a week as this is what I would of been spending on my if you do the maths you will see its a nice little nest egg I have accumulated and it will continue to grow. I was smoking about 60+ a day rollies so that equates to about 420 a week or so6720 in that 16 weeks.
    So yes we should be high fiving each other.
  • Fullofhope, South Eastern Sydney January 17, 2016 | 0:30
    That's such a remarkable achievement. I think, in all of this, we sometimes forget to congratulate ourselves so I think you should take a few minutes out to really acknowledge what you've achieved. We know it's been hard and it's worthy of a mighty pat on the back.
    For the record, I thought that after 12 weeks it got a whole lot easier. I still miss smoking but I am not overcome with thoughts of it.
    Well done you.
  • Iwillbeatit, Western NSW January 17, 2016 | 17:10
    Thanks Jenno and Fullofhope and of course pats on the back for how well both of you have done.
  • jenno211058 January 18, 2016 | 20:07
    How is your journey? Iwillbeatit
  • Iwillbeatit, Western NSW January 18, 2016 | 20:40
    Hi Jenno. My journey sometimes has been hard as there are a lot of firsts to get past - having a few drinks, enjoying a coffee, xmas party, New Year's Eve, holidays, stressful day, etc but
  • Iwillbeatit, Western NSW January 18, 2016 | 20:47
    ...continuation. I am determined this time to never be too cocky and say that one puff will not hurt because it does and I do not want to start all over again because my last attempt was nearly 6 years ago. I have been cranky, grieving, had nightmare I started again and a bit of anxiety but things have gotten better and I feel great. Thanks for asking and how is your journey

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