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Posted in Quit experiences 16 Jan 2012

So today is my first day as an "Ex-Smoker" and i prefer that term cause ill never be a non-smoker, it reminds me of my addiction that i cant afford a slip up.

Work is prob the worst place for me in terms of reasons i smoke cause the stress levels are too much sometimes. Im an employment consultant an i deal with "Highly Disadvantaged" clients therefor sometimes it gets a bit much an smoking was my outlet to have a breather.

So far i have had 2 cravings, and im currently not using NRT - i have gone for a walk to calm down an listened to my ipod to drown out "the little voice", it works an i know that the next couple of days will challenge me a bit.


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  • jodes5 January 16, 2012 | 12:51
    Congratulations on your decision to be an ex smoker!!! Im on day 6...and it is starting to feel a bit better, but I am using NRT. For me, distraction has been the key...whenever I get a bad craving, I do a crossword, go for a walk etc or play a game on my pc....

    Hang in there....hope you start feeling better soon!
  • Cloudmarc, Illawarra Shoalhaven January 17, 2012 | 16:25
    Hi there Rhys, I had to comment on your post simply because I worked in Job Network/Job Services for 4 years and can definitely relate to the pain you feel at work sometimes. I did in fact quit once on champix during that time for 6 weeks only to be met with one of the most stressful events in Employment Services history THE CONTRACT CHANGE!!!! so that was my undoing until recently, but I have changed jobs now, so that has helped so much, I dont think I would have ever successfully quit being at ES! But good job on quitting, keep at it and dont let those clients defeat you by making you want a cigarette :D wish you the best of luck!
  • Gam, Hunter New England January 17, 2012 | 20:21
    Hey Rhys, I have to laugh at you working with the "Highly Disadvantaged ". Only because Im hearing you! Ohhhhh so clear cos I work at Centrelink.... SO im relating to the Highly Disadvantaged, the STRESS ..Yeap...
    But u know what, that fags dont help,You think that they do but really they dont.You've just got to get your head in the right head space and think" Cigs wont the stress away"..If I can give up smoking working where I DO for 17 yrs, On the frontline..You Can.Trust me, Trust Yourself that you can do this...
    anyway buddy, I wish you the very best of luck and hope you overcome the smoking relieves the stress issue,cos once you get that you'll be fine :)

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