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Relapse has cause me to start all over again...

Posted in Getting started 15 Jan 2012

Hi everyone, long time no see. 

Yes, i had a relapse, but i know i dont want to smoke an am starting all over again from the start. My quit day will be as of tomorrow, i currently have 4 smokes left in my pack. 

Going on my little trip to QLD, being surrounded by smokers made it depressing an so difficult to stay strong, i caved in, i wasnt ready to put myself thru that situation even though i was feeling very confident in my ability to resist. I smoked for a night an the next day wanted nothing to do with the smokes, this made me think i could do it all the time an then slowly but surely i was buying smokes again an ducking out for smokes breaks just as often as i was... it creeped back in my life an i want to give them the boot again!

Im going to take it as a lesson learnt - as an ex-smoker the addiction is always going to be there an i need to accept that so i dont make the same mistakes. 

I know what to expect for this first week, my last attempt saw me using the NRT lozengers for the first day then no NRT was used, i hope i can do the same or better this time around. 

Not looking forward to the moodyness this week, but i know that giving up my addiction is too important to worry about something like that. 

Fingers crossed for me! 

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  • Roseyk January 23, 2012 | 14:27
    Hey Rhys, I am now day 74 since my last smoke. It hasn't been all easy even with the champix, but the crappy days are few and far between now and it just keeps getting easier every day. How did you go last week???
  • Winner Walker, Sydney January 17, 2012 | 7:13
    Welcome back Rhys - and you will know this time, that just one is not going to cut it. It has to be none ever. Which is a kin dof hard concept to accept. But it's not like we were born smoking or even ever had to have a first one. We all did and then we were stuck. But not anymore. :)

    Hang in there, water, walks, apples, deep breaths or even reminding yourself that some tobacco company is making money off you. It all helps. 109 days for me and don't even consider having one. Even when I am out and drinking and people are smoking. It may cross my mind then I just think nah who wants to do that again. Good luck.
  • Kerri January 16, 2012 | 22:22
    Hi Rhys, All the best matey you can do it stay strong maybe even try the patches that's what i'm on and they do help:-))
  • Rhys January 16, 2012 | 19:44
    RoseyK - how long has it been now for you since no smoking?

    I think this time round, I'm finding it a lot easier to not smoke, its just the those moments where i would normally smoke to fill in time i feel lost an don't know what to do with myself hahaha water is my best friend an i carry it everywhere hahaah
  • Christopher J January 16, 2012 | 9:05
    I had many lapses, but has been many years since I had a smoke now, and couldn't think of anything worse actually no attraction what so ever to them.
  • rusty January 15, 2012 | 21:50
    Hi, One day left before 2nd attempt to quit, been smoking for 10 years and hope to kick this habit tomorrow. Trying champix for the second time, last time they made me sick and didnt really give it a good shot. I was told they can make you sick if you keep smoking on them, which is what they should do i suppose. Cheers Rusty
  • terrianne, Central Coast January 15, 2012 | 21:00
    Hi Rhys, I to are like you slowly got back on them after 5 weeks off them and it all started at a party with someone constantly nagging me that i need to have a smoke and whilst the most of the night i did really well i still managed to cave in and think i could just have 1 and be fine, ive learnt now and i think the next time someone does it to me again ile get there smokes and break them in front of them, i think that will stop them... i think this person was just jealous that he didnt have the strength like i did, Any way tomorro is day 1 for me also after smoking for yet another year, Having someone quit on the same day may also help, i will prob sign in in each day to see my achievements and check how your going. i have 1 smoke left then i be off to bed, So i wish you all the best rhys in your commitment to staying quit, cheers
  • I breath freely, Northern NSW January 15, 2012 | 20:28
    sometimes we just need a reminder of where we dont want to be...back on track and thanx for sharing!
  • Roseyk January 15, 2012 | 19:43
    Welcome back Rhys, I'm so glad your going to give it another go. You will be better prepared this time. As ex-smokers we can't ever have just 1 smoke. That has been the hardest part for me that I would love to have one smoke now and again when I am out with friends but unfortunatley it doesn't work that way,it has to be all or nothing, so we have to chose nothing. Best of luck this week, and remember we are all here to support you. Keep us posted:)
  • Rhys January 15, 2012 | 19:39
    Thanks so much... i have a good support network at work so they help out as much as they can, letting me go for walks to de-stress an beat the urges.
    And YES i know i can an will beat this again... the first week is the hardest, but i should be fine! =)
    Looking forward to the smoke free life again, an the benefits that come with that! =)
  • Gam, Hunter New England January 15, 2012 | 19:22
    Hey Rhys,
    Stay strong, You've done it before and Yes you can do it again.
    Cigarettes are nasty little addictive things, and Yes you have learnt, what just one cig does, Yeap leads to another and then a pkt and then a life long addiction.
    Good to see your motivated, Who cares if your moody, some people are permantly moody, So its just giving back! Let them have some MOOD back.
    Anyway buddy, stay strong, stay focused and YES you CAN do it for GOOD.......

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