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Cold Turkey

Posted in Quit experiences 14 Dec 2015

Today is day 90 or into week 11 of going cold turkey of no smoking,

I was a smoker of at least 45 years and just prior to giving up I was hitting 60+ smokes a day, I smoked rollies, White Ox,..I had been thinking of giving up many, many times over the years, but as the time went by 1 year turned into 2 and so forth and here I was still fagging away,

We I gave up 90 days ago it was not my full intention to give up it just happened..A few days prior I went to see my normal GP I said that I wanted to give up smoking he gave me the Champix I asked about the side effects, he listed them, I got the script filled,, I still didnt look at the box..2 days later I had noticed that I wasnt smoking as much I said to myself I will see how I go tomorrow and just monitor how many l have during the day, so at the end of that day I had 13 smokes well I said to myself I will see if I smoke tomorrow..the results are that I haven't had a smoke since.

Maybe my body told me that it has had enough of the years of smoking, trust me it hasn't been easy as some days I could of easily picked up a smoke, I still have my smokes here with me on there table, people where I work smoke and my home scene, I visit about 100 shops a day with my work so I have all the places where I can beg or buy smokes but I am determined that I want to win over this addiction, plus a stash $120.00 each Monday away, Monday was my buying smokes day, and thats how much it was costing me.

So I never gave myself a Deadline it chose me,

I congratulate anyone who gives up on addiction.

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  • Lia December 14, 2015 | 23:24
    Yeah. So impressed with you and your effort to quit which actually chose you! Again a message to all thinking of quitting, you never know where the motivation comes from. Your story sounds similar to mine as far as years of nicotine addiction. Same conclusion. Just stop.
  • jenno211058 December 15, 2015 | 7:15
    Lia, I never thought about it choosing me to quit in those words, but I do know that we come up with soooo many excuses why not to quit just now, and so another day passes and another reason crops up, so a day passes then a month and more months and before you know it, a year passes, and then another year,
    But now I would like for me as I start this journey that I see the reversal the 1 day, the 1 month then months and then let the years pass on by.
  • Fullofhope, South Eastern Sydney December 15, 2015 | 23:26
    Congratulations- you have achieved a great milestone and that should be celebrated. It's a really hard road and all of us on it know what you have had to put up with. May the road become smoother every day - you deserve that.
  • Suszan, Northern Sydney December 18, 2015 | 3:48
    First of all, Jonno, a huge congratulations for being smoke free. I have a similar story to yours and it's amazing how strong and determined we can be when we want to be. One suggestion though, get rid of all your cigarettes and smoking paraphernalia, it's an added reminder and/or temptation that you really don't need at the moment. I wish you all the luck in the world in your quest to remain smoke free. It's a wonderful feeling to finally be in control of your life.
  • jenno211058 December 29, 2015 | 11:03
    Well guys.... thank you all for your is day 105 days or 13 weeks fag free, my nest egg is building really well week by week.
    I am very pleased with my stubborness..determination and the progress I have made. , some days are better than others but at the end of each day I am the winner over the fags.
    Big down side of giving up the fags is weight gain, this is a subject reading through other quitters posts that they don't mention this, I am sure I am not the only one who has gained a few kilos. But I'm still, not going to allow the nicotine to give into weight issues.
  • jenno211058 December 29, 2015 | 11:04
    Fags smokes
  • Stickwalker December 31, 2015 | 11:39
    Haven't started my journey yet, that will be midnight tonight, one last fling if you will. Your story is of great motivation to me and I'm looking forward to chatting after I start. Keep up the great work.
  • Tanu December 31, 2015 | 15:54
    Same for me....last day for me today!...and then i wanna go smoke smoke free,...for me and my baby! wanna compare notes together since we start the same day?? :)
  • jenno211058 December 31, 2015 | 16:09
    Stickwalker and Tanu, congrats to you both on taking your first is a big step...a very big step, but u gotta take this step to make a stride into your future,
    Tanu..its great you want to do it for your bubba but do it for yourself first.
    I look forward on reading how your journeys are progressing.
    Having a quit buddy is a great idea.
    Bring all the positives into 2016.
  • Dobbin December 31, 2015 | 21:05
    Hi Jenno. Just joined although I have quit for 115 days. Like you I smoked for decades (50 years ) and finally gave up. I went cold turkey and surprised all my family. Apart from the obvious health benefits I have saved £900 british pounds since I quit. I have found reading posts from those that quit a great help and feel really good about going into 2016 ciggyless. Well done. Dobbin
  • jenno211058 December 31, 2015 | 23:24
    Thank you Dobbin,
    going into 2016 ciggie free is a great feeling..
    All the best on your achievement.
  • Dodgy, South Eastern Sydney January 01, 2016 | 15:15
    It's about the hundred time I have tried to quit, but I have never tried to get help and support from others let's help each other. And quit the smokes in 2016. stick walker and Tanu and Jenno I hope we can help and encourage each other. Never done. Anything online before here's hoping!! Dodgy
  • jenno211058 January 01, 2016 | 15:34
    Hello have made the 1st step..
    Be determinded
    Looking forward to reading about your progress.
    2016 is going to be a positive on for you.
  • Behappy January 03, 2016 | 18:50
    Hello dodgy ! Hubby and I been smoking for the past 15 years and we are committed to quit together starting today . And this is also my first time online searching for help from other to quitting. I would like to support u that you can do this and so can we that we can quit for good . Smoking is doing so much damage to our health and cost alot of money . I want to be healthier and save the money from buying cigarettes for a vacation or something else more useful . We choose to smoke so we can choose to quit !
  • jenno211058 January 03, 2016 | 20:04
    Hello Behappy
    Todays the start of a new way of life for you guys, you have a goal of wanting a better healthier life..and a great reward of putting the $$$$ towards a holiday, what a great incentive,, be positive and you will achieve your goal (s).

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