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Posted in Getting started 11 Dec 2015

I'm only days away from my quit date and I've managed to cut the number of cigarettes I smoke to 1/3. I've also managed to identify my triggers which are when I wake up and after I have a meal. I delay having a cigarette after those times by distracting myself and am having some success. I know that those times are going to be the worst in terms of cravings after my quit date. I figure maybe a walk around the block or sipping a glass of ice cold water might help at those times? I'm so grateful for everyone who shares the desire to be smoke free and for the inspiration of those who have already stopped smoking. Thanks everyone!

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  • James Myl December 11, 2015 | 17:58
    its my day 33, There is no more cravings but the habit is still there. The first week was crucial for me, Cravings were high but drinking plenty of water did the trick for me. You can do it Suszan!!!
  • Suszan, Northern Sydney December 12, 2015 | 6:16
    Thanks James. It's great that you're still smoke free after 33 days and you're working on beating your habit. I am trying really hard to resist smoking after waking up or having a meal. I know that those times will be crucial to neating my habit after my quit date. Thanks for the tip about drinking water. I've found it to be very helpful. Thanks also for your support. I need to know that other people have taken on the challenge to stop smoking and have been, and still are, successful.
  • Suszan, Northern Sydney December 12, 2015 | 6:19
    Oops, should read 'beating my habit' not 'neating my habit'!

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