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Posted in Staying quit 02 Dec 2015

Its been 9 days for me and even after losing my Auntie yesterday and stressing over money I still haven't smoked. Keeping myself busy with coloring in and throwing a football up in the air when I think about smoking. Having up and down moments where I feel good and then feel bad. Keeping strong though.

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  • Threds December 02, 2015 | 15:45
    Well done for 9 days and staying stong despite obvious stressors. Just think, one of the things you are stressing over (money) will markedly improve for you by hanging in there and staying off the smokes. If you hang in there the ups and downs will start levelling out and you will start to experience more up moments than down moments.
  • Lia December 02, 2015 | 17:32
    Agree with everything Threds has posted. The loss of someone near and dear to you is the perfect excuse to light up. Just joking. There is no need to stress about the passing of someone. There are other things you can fill your head with. These include the happy times you shared. Bet these don't include lighting up. One sure way to prolong money woes is to continue to light up. Do any of us deliberately spend $200+ a week on anything in particular on a regular basis? I don't think we can truly say we can spend an extra $200 a week. But better to try to think of ways of doing so instead of "burning" it in an ashtray.
  • MargW, Hunter New England December 06, 2015 | 20:17
    Stay strong there will always be a reason to have one. My father died and could have ended badly but I found the strength deep down and fought it. That was 998 days ago now. You can do it.
  • Fresh Air, South Eastern Sydney December 16, 2015 | 12:03
    Well done !! Smoking is terrible haha - i mean i'm sure we are all here because deep down we really know this and truly want to never smoke again but haven't "learn't" how to stop the cravings all together and change the mentality completely. I'm trying to change it myself as fast as possible. So spending a lot of time - 2hrs a day at least at the moment figuring our everyway i can make sure i never smoke again. IE different strategies - I was rapping to myself in the bathroom yesterday about why smoking was bad(freestyling) - haha - From what i read in "psychology today" - achievement is all about hardwork, persistence and determination - put in the work and get the result. I'm on my 9th day today and had my first big test yesterday in a social setting where i ALWAYS have a cigarette - and a coffe - but knowing before hand this would happen and planning/mitigating the risk - i'm proud to say i beat the craving. BEAT the cravings and you have won :)

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