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Posted in Quit experiences 30 Nov 2015

how are we going??? Great to see we are all still on track to smash this stinkn demon once and for all.. A little secret I kept from you guys is I had a bet with my 22 year old son about quitting the stinkn demons as he also smoked(smokes) ...Thought he was doing well when he was dobbed in by an eleven year old for holding out on the loser shouts the winner an afternoon in the hotel of his choice with a few quiet ales...Something im looking forward to now....Even though ive won the bet theres no way ill EVER smoke again...still travelling well, the smokers don't bother me and the cravings are basically pretty much zero now which is awesome...when I do get a craving I have a little laugh and forget all about what I was laughing the roadhouse over the weekend on the smoke board my brand of stinkn demon is now 34 bux for 35....that's ridiculous...anyhow enough of my rant,,,keep up the great work

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  • Fullofhope, South Eastern Sydney November 30, 2015 | 20:16
    You're a star, Nodrah. I only visited this site because there are some people on the balcony next to me who are chain smoking and the cost of a packet here is $15. No one would ever know I've caved - except me. And that would be diabolical. Keep up the great attitude - it's helping us all.
  • Threds December 01, 2015 | 8:17
    Well done nodrah!!!!
  • TheOldPhart December 01, 2015 | 12:22
    It sure sounds like you have kicked that old devil nicotine square in the butt!
    Congrats Mate.

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