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Hunter New England

Im just getting started......eeeeekk

Posted in Getting started 19 Nov 2015

My partner & I have decided we would like to try for a child. He is quitting with me. He is living away at the moment because of his job (& my physcho ex won't let me take our daughter) but my partner will always support me when I have cravings & remind me why we are doing this & talk to me or text me till I feel ok. My neighbour has joined in & we are the "Non Smoking Trio". They are ALOT stronger than me, however, on that note I am currently 52 hours smoke free!!!! I can do this!!!

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  • Fullofhope, South Eastern Sydney November 19, 2015 | 21:15
    Just getting started is a great thing to do. Looking back on the last three months which have been, from time to time, hard, I don't think anything was as hard as making the decision to quit and sticking to the day.
    Yes, there are testing times ahead but I think you have done a heap of the hard work in deciding to quit. Congratulations and all the very best. When the going gets tough, come back to this site.
  • Lia November 19, 2015 | 21:47
    Quitting is tough for everyone. That is why it is good to revisit this site. It has helped me survive 178 days starting cold turkey. We can do it if we have a plan and support from those who understand what we are going through. Strange, but we don't want to disappoint those who support us. The support is more powerful when it is fellow quitters.

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