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39 days and holding

Posted in Staying quit 18 Nov 2015

Hi All,

I am on 39 days and holding. Decided to use the patches and the long term program of 6 weeks- I have nine 21mg patches left, and then will go to Stage 2. My younger sister, who has become my role model has been quit for almost a year. She has been invaluable- even though we are 2600 miles apart, we communicate by email. Nice to have a accountability partner. The only problem I have with the patches is the marks it leaves on my body. I figures that a few red blotches is way healthier than smoking. The first ones from 30 days ago have faded. I have tried Chantix in the past, and it had some side effects that left me weepy most of the time. I have tried cold turkey and got through about 15 days before I wanted to slap everyone I met! LOL

So for me the patches are carrying me through the worst times. I tried to unpatch for a day and the cravings were crazy. Could have been in my mind, isn't that where all addictions are based?

I love this group. I backed off the computer for a bit, just because it was one of my triggers. I started an exerplay program. I hate exercise so decided to rename it something I do like.. Play!!

One of the classes I am taking is chair yoga. I am 65 and not very flexible. I am learning to "Yoga" breath, which is basically breathing through the diaphragm. The first week of class, I hacked up a bunch of yuck! The instructor says that is because deep breathing clears the lungs.. who knew that junk was so deep?

I am playing ping pong with three pounds, up a little, down a little, but at least one of my fears about a big weight gain has not been realized. My sister did have a large weight gain, and advised me to be careful.

I do want a cigarette, and I understand that part will never go away, but the physical craving and anxiety have all but passed. Drinking water and realizing that I am actually hungry and need a snack help a lot. Smoking was a substitute as it affects the blood sugar. So I am keeping veggies chopped in the fridge and have a snack ( not to exceed 180 cal) when I get that afternoon crave.

I know everyone has their own journey, but stay the course. You can do it!

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  • Fullofhope, South Eastern Sydney November 18, 2015 | 11:31
    Well done you - you are well on your way. No going back now. You are right - addictions are in the mind and as soon as we realize it is our own minds that we are fighting and not some overwhelming outside force, the better we are able to fight it.
    Keep on posting and don't worry about red marks or three pounds.
  • penelopejane November 18, 2015 | 13:53
    Addictions are based on the nerve endings being eroded. They are physical. The mind can overcome the messages short -term, until the nerve ending heal.

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