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179 days

Posted in Staying quit 05 Nov 2015

Well, it's but a distant memory at this point.. Weird how fast the time goes by.. I did have to start using MyFitnessPal to start tracking how I was eating.. Put on about 20# after quitting, but now I have shaved that back off and starting to walk frequently, which is not a major chore anymore now that I can breathe.

Thanks everyone here for all the kind words and thoughts.. It really was helpful during the early stages.

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  • Lia November 06, 2015 | 0:32
    I agree the early comments are a huge support. It is also reassuring reading about stories beyond ones own. I am up to day 160. I don't believe I am out of the woods yet. On guard all the time. Very important to reward oneself appropriately and not by succumbing to a craving that says it is time to light up and celebrate the journey and the success. Cold turkey after 45 years. I am so excited about the smoke free days. I shudder to think about the 16000 days when it was cool and mostly affordable to smoke... Hope you revisit some time in the future to give me and others wherever we are on the journey some additional hope.
  • shasha November 09, 2015 | 19:34
    Well done so far,I'm about 7 weeks in,posted alot at the start but still drop by.The support here is invaluable 😊
  • sei, Western Sydney November 11, 2015 | 0:20
    DAY 1!! How am I feeling? Honestly? #afraid that's how I am feeling. Why? I'm afraid that I will fail. However, I know that I am not on this journey to fail or to 'just try it' I want to #QUIT once and for all.
  • Martyrobo003 , Hunter New England November 11, 2015 | 11:01
    Starting tomorrow woke up this morning and had my coffee and smoke, I don't have the guts to go the rest of the day without them! I have just got out of a relationship with a heavy smoker which will increase my chances. I would go all day and sometimes a few days without a smoke but I would always pick up that one after dinner or when I was stresses. I have recently had a back injury unable to exercise, laying around and smoking a lot. It is a filthy habit and it is time, I hate to think of the years I have taken off my life...

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