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I can do it!

Posted in Quit experiences 03 Nov 2015

Will be 38 days today I have been a non smoker and still hanging in a It is my first attempt and doing it cold turkey. I have been a long term smoker and it feels good to know all those toxins are coming out and hopefully things are returning to how they should be. I'ts been really surreal for me..really didn't expect I could do it and get this far. Yes I really miss the enemy and still have big urges, but I know if I gave in, I would hate myself to have got this far and then relapse. It's a day by day thing for me and I don't think about the enemy for hours and hours until I get a trigger. However, I refuse to do other things I don't really want to do to avoid the trigger or association, I want to do what I always do without smoking. I guess I'm doing it the hard way, but hopefully it works for me. Everyone is different, and so different ways work for different people. Anyway I shall carry on battling the enemy and keep thinking why I wanted to give up smoking as a reminder to keep going.

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  • nodrah November 03, 2015 | 18:59
    hi lynnecarol, we must have quit around the same time im about 43 days now..youve done well cold turkey so don't throw it all away now. I think its getting a lot easier now as the cravings only last seconds when they appear..
    I have gone cold turkey also just to get rid of the nicotine quicker and think its worked well(now anyway) didn't think so 6 weeks Anyhow go celebrate this weekend as you deserve it
  • cough cough cough, Illawarra Shoalhaven November 03, 2015 | 21:00
    HiLynne carrol, I smoked for 35 years ,I have now saved over $20,000 . I have spent that money on nice clothes,restaurant meals,concerts and overseas trips. Stay strong , you will love the new you. so will your partner if he is a good one .
  • Fullofhope, South Eastern Sydney November 03, 2015 | 21:45
    Hi Lynnecarol, your story sounds about exactly the same as mine ... particularly the bit about keeping on doing the things you used to do and not having to do something else. I completely agree - keep on looking at why you wanted to stop (that is certainly the thing I forgot for a couple of weeks which made my motivation weaker - the only reason I didn't give in was because I didn't want to have to start again).

    The last few weeks have been helped by something someone wrote on this site 'Move a muscle - Change a Thought'. I have had some challenges recently and I have gone for a vigorous walk and it has REALLY helped.

    In any case, congratulations and keep on visiting here.
  • penelopejane November 04, 2015 | 17:39
    Well Done! You are becoming a free and independant person.
  • lynnecarol November 05, 2015 | 0:44
    Thank you all for your uplifting comments, they do help, especially knowing
    I'm not alone, it gives me more hope and hopefully keeps me on track! Cheers and best of luck with your challenges!
  • NO4me, Murrumbidgee November 05, 2015 | 16:43
    How are going I'm finding it really difficult
  • Lia December 03, 2015 | 21:14
    Hi lynnecarol. By mentioning statistics I wasn't trying to suggest it was all too hard. Just answering my question about where have some regular subscribers gone. After the initial banter of a few weeks or months, suddenly nothing... So I did some research and all was explained. OK, let's be some of the 6 out of 100 who succeed.

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