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carrying the can

Posted in Quit experiences 01 Nov 2015

Right . A little bit about me. I quit smoking almost 5 years ago. I have been using 'ecigs' for the last 3 years. you tell me if im still a smoker.

This story is really about life without cigarettes and the supposed improvements.

Look i wont lie, abit of extra money and an improvement in your health is something that makes a difference.

But lets not get carried away OK.

Life is so full of anxiety and disappointment that sometimes I wonder if its worth staying quit. I would say its steady at 51% to quit and 49% to continue to smoke. Does that make it worthwhile? You tell me. Because frankly I dont reckon it does. Im just speaking from my heart OK.

Secondly in view of the frightening increases of the excise on cigarettes i feel that we have just gone from one extreme to another! Back in the 50's, 60's,70's and 80's the Govt. , the marketers and the Tobacco industry ALL were in a common agreement that yea there were dangers with cigarettes but hey look how pretty the packaging is. Now however the frightening cost of smokes ($21 for a pack, $200 FOR A CARTON!!) just scares people into submission. The way the industry has been regulated emphasises a 3rd world mentality ;using coercion and fear.

And me, and you lot are left carrying the can. Sorry if I have offended anyone but that is my story.

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  • shasha November 02, 2015 | 6:05
    I think its really important to be honest,I certainly don't take offence. I he's ya, I had a shocker of a day Friday,heavy emotional stuff,only it was too late to go buy ciggies I would have.I had a race the next day so would have felt the effects,no doubt, if id smoked.I think its sometimes really hard to see the benefits. But they are real
    ....i think😊
  • nodrah November 02, 2015 | 18:44
    Yeah prices are seriously ridiculous, just came off a cruise ship the other week and cartons of those stinkn demons were 29.00 for as....main reason I gave up was the expense of the things
  • strongLL , South Eastern Sydney November 02, 2015 | 22:17
    Thanks for the replies...Look i dont want to make people feel 'bad'. It just seemed to me that its people like us who had this dumped in our laps (who honestly has a clue what addiction is all about when they started smoking?!)and then its like well 'deal with it, see ya later'. And listen up the benefits do outway the negatives. Sorry if people felt stunned by my rant.
  • JMac775 November 03, 2015 | 7:28
    I am 4 days into a brand change from cigs to ecigs. I believe that it's a way less bad habit...on 9mg nicotine now but hope to work to zero MG slowly. Price of cigarettes and inconvenience was a big motivator for me.
  • cough cough cough , Illawarra Shoalhaven November 03, 2015 | 21:09
    Good story.I had health issues but it appears that after 3years quit after 35 years of smoking life is great.Good health is the greatest thing to reclaim.keep up the good health

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