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Restarting yet again

Posted in Getting started 22 Oct 2015

Hi all

Just wish to say thank you to each of you who keep on posting with your awesome achievements. It is an inspiration to hear each of your goalposts. Done and dusted. Oh dear, this has been a very hard start, restarting on Sunday, I am an intelligent human being, know what I am doing to myself and keep doing it. It is now, I understand, just addiction. Simple as that. Reading each of your special posts it seems as though there is a time that the "hurdle is jumped" and you no longer have a wish to smoke.

Thanks for sharing how you got over the hurdle. Or escaped the nicotine trap.

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  • This time I am going to win, Southern NSW October 22, 2015 | 21:07
    P.S I do need some help. Have never asked for help before, but this site seems the best place to come to.
  • IAMSUNNY October 23, 2015 | 0:17
    I had to reboot in day 3- now I am on day 14 and it is getting easier. I created a visual poster of what I wanted to accomplish and just seeing that every day has strengthened my resolve. I do believe it is important to have strong goals and WHY you want to quit. That helps . For cravings, I am sucking on menthol cough drops, and drinking ice water - For the strong afternoon crave I have a plate of vegetable to gnaw on. I realized that I was actually hungry. So do whatever it takes to keep strong and give yourself some Grace. I also set milestones so that there is something to look forward to earning. Keep positive. Bless you.
  • Rooster2015, Hunter New England October 23, 2015 | 10:41
    I was 6 days smoke free when I came down with shingles. I was sitting up all night with the pain and started smoking heavily again. Poor excuse I know but the pain was unbearable sometimes and it was something to do. My doctor suggested Champix, so here we go 31/10/2015 is my new quit date so here's hoping.
  • This time I am going to win, Southern NSW October 23, 2015 | 11:14
    Thanks guys. Good luck!
  • Jenny S , South Western Sydney October 27, 2015 | 20:59
    Oh Hun you are doing OK In such a short time you now know that it is "just an addiction" don't under estimate what that can do, You have to be stronger than the addiction. Not easy but so worth it. hang in there, keep busy (I cleaned a lot) changed all my smoking places/habits I am 170 days smoke free and saved $3597.00 (which by the way I am so disgusted in myself)
    Will I smoke again who knows…… if I slip up I will pick up where I left off and know that I am a much stronger person now good luck
  • JMac775 November 03, 2015 | 7:40
    I rebooted, I like that phrase, 10/30/15. Day 4 of many "tries". I too need someone to talk to. In the past I would manage to convince myself I could just buy a pack and smoke just 1 when it got to bad. But each time...within days I'd be back hard core. I have to tell myself I am 1 cigarette away from a pak a day. Can't have one, don't want one ever again. Help and discussionsupport will be appreciated!

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