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Posted in Hints and tips 09 Jan 2012

Hi everyone ,

I am 7days smoke free .. yay! Last post I was feeling like the cigarettes had robbed me of being ME! I would of been happy to hide from the world for a very long time. But yet here I am and am happy yes you read correctly HAPPY! I read Allen Carrs Easy way to stop smoking and I feel fantastic. I know from previous attempts to "give up" I have had this oh how good am I .. I have made it a week sensation only to fail at the first social occasion. Well Ihave survived my first weekend had the grumps with hubby , kids but realised they were normal everyday things I get grumpy at and the ciggie doesn't solve things it only makes it worse because you feel like a grub for having it! I cannot encourage you to look into getting this book enough and a huge thankyou to ICAN for your post about it!! I now refuse to be a drug addict .. I wouldn't never shoot up or smoke crack especially in front of my children so see no difference anymore it is what it is a filthy drug!!!

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  • Ican January 09, 2012 | 12:10
    Hi Peggy13...that first week done and dusted is a fantastic feeling...congratulations on this milestone...I am so glad you found Allen Carr's book helpful..I certainly did...saw other posts about it and thought I would give it a go...gosh I will use anything in the armoury to stay a non-smoker...yep, done the grumpy thing...dogs still hiding under the bed and I think hubby soooo wants to join them... :)...Hugs to you
  • Dee January 09, 2012 | 12:28
    i too read allen carr "only way to stop smoking permently" best help ever. read one chapter each night kept with it even though thought would not work, i now have been free from smoking since march 2011.Never thought i would ever be able to stop as tried many book makes alot of sense, you will finally wake up from being addicted to rubbish. I now live free and enjoy my family more with no guilt of smelling or kissing my daughter with smoke smell on my lips and you self a favour a read the it slowly dont rush it. Let it register . some of my friends read the whole book in 2 days and wonder why it did not work for them..Good luck..
  • Peggy13, Illawarra Shoalhaven January 09, 2012 | 13:07
    Hahahaha Ican you crack me up!!! I went silent , I found it all too hard to relate to anyone which apparently scared the daylights out of my Hubby & Kids so they were happy when I started telling them to pick up after themselves etc... I feel like a better version of me .. we all are doing well everyday off the drug is a great day!! WE ALL ROCK!!
  • Cara, South Eastern Sydney January 21, 2012 | 2:15
    I agree, Allen Carr's Book worked for me!

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