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It sure aint easy

Posted in Quit experiences 07 Oct 2015

Six weeks and three days down the track and I think I was just about as tempted today as I have been on this journey. I got into a cab in which the driver had clearly smoked. It didn't bother me but, sub-consciously, it got to me and I just felt like a ciggie in the morning which I haven't for weeks. Once I realized the trigger I tried to dismiss that horrid old acquaintance but it has lingered around all day. I also dreamt last night that I had smoked which felt really weird. I am still feeling edgy so have decided the only sensible solution is to go to bed.

All I know is that visiting this site makes these hard days bearable and I also know there are plenty of easier days amongst the horrid ones. Good luck everyone and thank you for the wisdom you provide in your posts.

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  • Lia October 07, 2015 | 23:29
    Yeah, listen to the voices on this site. You already know they will carry you and help you beat the habit. Ww want you to succeed and we are all trying to help you and provide the understanding and support only ex smokers can. Hang in there.
  • DaveWA October 08, 2015 | 11:01
    Good on you for not giving in - keep at it - every victory over the puff makes you more able to resist next time..

    Seems our brains are wired as smoke detectors too hey - very noticeable when others walk past or sit near you that smoke.., then again, maybe its because we can finally smell again - another advantage to giving up...?
  • Lindavan, Western Sydney October 08, 2015 | 11:56
    I had exactly the same experience over the weekend. I almost lit up a cigarette...I had it in my hand! And a friend said, I shouldn't be stupid after all that time not smoking.
  • nodrah October 08, 2015 | 19:12
    well done for not giving in to that stinking habit.....great job...your will power is stronger than that silly voice which has been tempting you....Next time you get the urge try laughing at it.....will make you feel heaps better
  • Nannette, Hunter New England October 08, 2015 | 21:06
    Hi fullofhope, you are a legend I have to give you a huge clap for remaining sooo strong through what sounds like really intense cravings. So well done. I know it's an old adage but it really does get easier as time goes by, just gotta hang in there the best way you know how using what you know works best for you. So well done xx
  • Fullofhope, South Eastern Sydney October 08, 2015 | 21:52
    Thanks everyone - it sure does make a difference to be doing this with fellow travellers.

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