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Snack monster

Posted in Staying quit 05 Oct 2015

I have hit my one year mark and have gained 20 lbs. I snack constantly and at first I was okay with the weight but now it's affecting my pockets in a different way. I am constantly throwing out clothes because they are too small and continuously replacing them. I am attempting to curb my appetite but i absolutely love candy. It even crossed my mind to take up smoking again but the smelly clothes, hair, and breathe is too much to bare. Any suggestions?

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  • Lia October 05, 2015 | 20:17
    I know what you mean by the weight gain. How about not buying candy. Replace it with something low cal that you like. Take up another hobby/sport. Whatever you do don't take up smoking. There are non smokers who have a healthy weight. At least by being a non smoker you will have more time to seek a solution to the weight gain. I would hate to be suggesting to this community that I might take up smoking again in order to lose weight. Hope you find success.
  • IAMSUNNY October 06, 2015 | 2:28
    How about swapping the urge to smoke with 10 minutes of exercise? Set up small rewards. This week I am working towards DAISIES. When I make it through the week, I will have earned a trip to the nursery for some daisies to plant in my yard, When I see them, then I will be reminded of my choice to QUIT.
  • DaveWA October 06, 2015 | 14:15
    There's a good suggestion..LOL..

    CRT... Candy Replacement Therapy?

    My Vego mate said Nuts are a great replacement for Candy too..
  • shasha October 06, 2015 | 18:15
    I have seen plenty of overweight smokers recently,I've been observing people smoking alot,all the reasons I gave myself for smoking.To stay above.To relax..they don't look relaxed.Just 2 of the lies I told myself about smoking
    Smoking makes me feel CRAP ,physically. But worse,it makes me feel mentally crap.I don't want to preach about exercise but just a 20-30 min session 3 times a week has really helped.its become MY thing. Wishing you all luck x

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