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Day 32

Posted in Quit experiences 24 Sep 2015

I just went to get lunch and walked past a strip of cafes with all these poor, helpless smokers out in the cold and wind and rain and I was so pleased that for the first time ever, I am not one of them.

It is Day 32 now and I am feeling much more peaceful than a few days ago. The mornings are outright easy now and I no longer have an urge to duck out during the day. The hardest time is still that first hour of being home but that passes.

I still am a little breathless when I do some exercise but I have not coughed in weeks and I have saved more than $700. More than anything though, is the sense of achievement. I can't quite believe that it is me who has done it. And I hope it is forever - I never want to go through it all again.

I have a quick question. I am on Zyban and I wondered whether it would become more difficult when I stopped (which is in a couple of weeks). I just need to prepare.

Thanks to everyone on this site for their generous support of each other - it makes me feel the world is a kinder place.

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  • penelopejane September 24, 2015 | 15:56
    Your experience of not smoking will see you through. You will have learnt to not smoke. Drawon the new you. You are establishing new habits. Keep posative. Your winning.
  • shasha September 24, 2015 | 18:56
    Thank YOU 😊 Observing smokers is a useful tool,I always thought smoking made me relaxed but smokers hardly ever look relaxed as we draaagggg on that ciggie,I'm looking forward to a frown free forhead!
  • Nannette, Hunter New England September 24, 2015 | 18:59
    Hi Fullofhope, today is definetlya day when you appreciate being a non smoker , pouring rain and freezing cold plus icy wind blowing. Yes think I'll pass on a dart today and hopefully forever . Seems like you are feeling the same. Keep smoke free and smiling. Well done x
  • Lia September 24, 2015 | 21:21
    Just returned from 6 weeks OS travelling and as someone who has chosen not to smoke for the past 117 days I was amazed to see the smokers in Europe who had to take to the streets and were clearly doing so because they were social outcasts. Yes, there were ashtrays at some bars in the Baltic States but cigarettes were $7 a packet and I don't think the government has woken up to the fact that more taxes could be demanded from smokers. Mind, most could not afford it. So it's a good idea if we beat the habit here in OZ before we visit the northern hemisphere.
  • Kazzy September 25, 2015 | 7:32
    Good on you Full of hope! I'm up to day 46. I'm not on any nrt except my ecig without any nicotine just flavouring. My breathing isn't the best lately either, it may be my lungs still full of crap and healing. You asked about when you get off zyban will the cravings be strong? I don't think so because we have gone through the worst of them, I think they are strongest in the first few weeks as a friend told me when he got off Zyban. Good on you for reaching such a miletone, my determination of never being controlled by a stick of poison again and not coughing will get me through I hope! Good luck
  • DaveWA September 25, 2015 | 12:01
    Good on you - keep at it - now is not the time to wonder about relying on the Zyban to keep you quick - I am on Champix, and the doc said to me yesterday to learn good habits while on the medication, socialize normally and with smokers, and "learn" how to live without smokes, while being supported by the meds.. - she also advised that the government subsidy on the med can be extended 2 more months if you struggle after going off the meds, so that's good news - not sure about the zyban, but the Champix offer is like this, if you can prove you stayed stop on the first set of meds.. so don't get hung up about then - focus on NOW - you are not smoking NOW and busy changing your habits and patterns, and when the time comes to go off the meds, make the decision.. best of luck and keep quit..

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