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13th day without cigarettes

Posted in Staying quit 16 Sep 2015

Hello guys, this is my first post here and i'm glad i found site like this. I think this is very helpful. Today i'm on 13th day without lighting a single cigarette. I bough e-cig and i only vape. I've heard many stories that you shouldn't go from one evil to another but, vaping is really helping me. I don't say that i don't miss cigarettes and i don't think about them, but at least i'm counting every second without one. I'm 20years old boy and i used to smoke for 5 years, pack per day. My reason to quit is really strong cause i'm singer and cigarettes affected my voice so badly. This morning I woke up with "horrible" nightmare. Yeah, dreaming about cigarettes are back and this times they are stronger and stronger. Last time i started smoking cause of this nightmares which affected my brain and all i was thinking about was - smoking. I'm not giving up this time and i think i'm doing great. Anyway In my dreams i have the best memories where i used to smoke. Ex: going on vacation with friends, meeting my gf, first after-sex-cigarette and etc. Every night since my first day i'm dreaming the same dreams. I'm dreaming that i finally gave up and smoke again and when i wake up I can't believe that it was just dream and i'm smoke free for another day. Actually after all this dreams are making me stronger, cause in the dreams I can see the disappointment cause giving up and smoking. I'm so happy cause i can already notice my voice improvements, smelling the morning nature smell, filled up with energy and etc etc. I recommend a well set-up e-cig for everyone who is trying to quit smoking. It's not expensive but it's effective, at least for me. I dropped the habit to hold cigarettes in my fingers, i have less cravings for cigarette. Curently i'm smoking 12mg nicotine and i started from 18. I'm going lower every weak, tomorrow i'm buying 9mg, after that one 6 and finally >> 0 Nicotine juice. I hope that when i finish that bottle which should happen in the next 2 months i will stop vaping too. And yes everyday i'm vaping less and less. I started with my ecig the whole day in my mouth. And know my baterry is lasting 2 days. I'm glad to share my story with you, please don't take this as an add for ecigs or something like that.

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  • jojie September 16, 2015 | 7:23
    Hi Confusion, Congratulations for quitting cigarettes. I just want to say quitting smoking is a process, it takes time. It can be done, and you're on your way to quit. Be firm with yourself not to smoke cigarettes. Keep going.... read Allen Carr's book. You can do it!!! I have been smoke-free for 401 days, I quit cold turkey. So you can quit if you really want to. I love and enjoy my new lifestyle smoke-free:).
  • Fullofhope, South Eastern Sydney September 16, 2015 | 14:18
    Congratulations on Day 13 - that is a tough part of the road. The thing I have learned in the last few weeks is that nothing helps more than checking in here. Just when we feel that it is all impossible, we can come here and realize how possible it is. Jojie is a shining example of that. It is so generous of those of you who have long ago given up to keep on encouraging us newbies. Good luck with the singing Confusion - you will be so pleased you have stuck with this.
  • shasha September 16, 2015 | 18:04
    Great stuff,I had the same questions around using the gum but to be honest whatever works.It really will help with your breathing,I grew up and married into music(for my sins!!)and you should see the benefits which os such a reward.I run and I know that I should see the benefits too although I'm only on day 4😊 Thanks for your post!
  • Confusion September 16, 2015 | 20:50
    I totally agree with you Fullofhope, people like jojie are the best examples for us to continue on our way, thank you so much for your support and spending of your precious time to have a conversation on this story!
    Sasha, that's true, whatever works to help your way to quit smoking! I have in plan to cut using the ecig by half, by chewing gum. Thank you for your reply!

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