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16 days down the track

Posted in Quit experiences 08 Sep 2015

Well I have just clocked sixteen days and, in some ways, it seems like sixteen weeks but, in other ways, it has gone pretty quickly. Today was better than the weekend but I got to thinking that I felt pretty bored without the fags. I thought that life without a cigarette was not quite so exciting. However, when you think about it, what is so exciting about spending a lot of money to kill yourself slowly and painfully. I also reflected that the short term reward of smoking could never compare to the long term reward of knowing I had conquered my demons and done something which a month ago I was pretty sure was impossible. I know it is early days but it is good to know that there are a few days here and there which feel optimistic and hopeful. It is a roller-coaster, isn't it.

Nanette, I bought a box of tissues today just because they had the characters from Frozen on the box and my theme song for giving up is 'Let it go' (I don't have children so I have not heard the song one million times like everyone else). It seems appropriate to me.

I really think this website where people share their experiences is the very best resource we have on this journey. Thank you to all of you who contribute.

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  • ozunu September 09, 2015 | 0:02
    i had a slip up on the 4th day of quitting.nw its hard to start afresh...could you advice me?

  • Lizzie 1, Western NSW September 09, 2015 | 9:09
    Well done !! Everyday is a huge achievement and it gets easier to resist temptation as the days pass. You are in the best place for support so check in as often as you can :-)
  • Nannette, Hunter New England September 09, 2015 | 10:07
    Hi Fullofhope, well done on 16 days ,as we all know those first few weeks are hard and I truly believe if you can get through them you are on your way. I love your theme song mine is "Im so happy by Pharrel Williams" I often used to play this and dance around the kitchen if I was feeling a craving or just feeling BLERRRR and down. Something about music uplifts the spirit and every craving that you beat should be celebrated. This might sound childish but I reckon you should make a STAR chart and put it on your fridge and buy some big stickers (from the $2 shop). I tell you there is something motivating about placing a big star on your chart at the end of the day and seeing all your stars when you look at it.Its like "Yes, I can do this, look how many I have done already" Make sure you put in big letters your mantra " mine is Believe in yourself and Never give in". You said you were a bit bored so this is an opportunity to get your coloured pencils out and be a child and be creative. Also make a square headed "My Reward" with what you are aiming to save to get your reward. you are going really well and must have heaps of determination and resolve to get to 16 days. Congratulations. Stay with us on TEAM DETERMINED. XXXXX
  • Fullofhope, South Eastern Sydney September 09, 2015 | 13:13
    Thank you for your suggestions Nanette. I have a colouring book and pencils on my dining table and I also downloaded the free app Colorfy on the weekend when I was climbing the walls. I agree music makes such a difference. I am off to the $2 shop to buy some stickers!

    Hi Ozunu, I don't feel all that wise about quitting but I will say that I have tried before, once eight years ago and once twelve or more years ago. What seems to be working for me this time is that I set a date and gave myself four months to prepare. I let myself smoke as much as I wanted to but I absolutely knew that there was a particular day which was the last date I would ever smoke. In that four months, I went and spoke to my doctor about all the options and agreed, finally, with him to try Zyban. I also downloaded meditation apps on my phone and the Quit app which is connected to this site. I told everyone I knew because I wanted to be accountable. I spoke with friends who had been heavy smokers and who gave up and if I was to summarise their advice it was simply 'Grin and bear it'. It seemed a little trite at the time but now I think it is the only thing we can do. On the night of my last cigarette, I threw out all my ashtrays and cigarettes so that NOTHING would remind me of it.

    This is just what I did to prepare - everyone is different and I am still only as tiny way along my journey. I wish you all the best and my only other advice is to check in with this site every day.

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