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Needing Superhuman Determination Right Now

Posted in Quit experiences 06 Sep 2015

I am on Day 14 today and it has been the hardest yet, just beating yesterday. I don't know if it is because of it being a weekends but the entire day seemed like one continual craving. Four days ago I thought 'this is not so bad after all' but then yesterday I started to be attacked by such strong emotions. I felt so lonely even though I have supportive people around me but I was missing sitting out on the terrace with my fags. I try and tell myself not to think those thoughts because they don't help with the battle against my synapses but I also don't want to deny how I feel.

I am determined to stay on track and have taken three brisk walks today to try and alleviate the agitation but I hope with all my heart that these feelings do not last too long. I am just going to have to breathe through it. Sorry for being miserable today. All your stories make me feel as though the future will be much better.

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  • Nannette, Hunter New England September 06, 2015 | 21:41
    Hi Fullofhope congratulations for conquering Day 14.what is it about Day 14, like you I found it sooooo hard. I didn't give in. Or cave in, but it certainly did my head in. It was horrible and I reckon it is the worst one on my quit journey, so put huge stars on you star chart for getting through it and a HUGE TICK for surviving it. You should play Pharrel Williams song " I'm soooo happy" because you conquered Day 14. Have a dance around the kitchen to congratulate yourself. That's was my theme song in the early stages and it is so uplifting puts a smile on your dual and go to bed feeling WhooHoo you have done so good. Xxxxx
  • Nannette, Hunter New England September 06, 2015 | 21:59
    Hi Fullofhope check my Day 14 post it was headed "arrrrgh" that's how much I enjoyed it and others posted they felt the same on that day. Day 15 nowhere near as hard if that helps.x
  • valic345 September 06, 2015 | 22:13
    Thanks for posting this. It gives new quitters like me a heads up on what do be aware of! I am glad you made it through without smoking! Give yourself a high five! It can only get better!
  • Bronte, Mid North Coast September 07, 2015 | 11:35
    Hi there, it will get easier, the hard days do come and go but you just have to push through it and know that the next day will be better. You go through so many different emotions throughout your journey. What your going through happened to me also on various occasions. In particular day 30 was bad, that's when I posted my "sitting ducks" post, I was able to get through it from the support of people here. I was literally crying that day whilst typing. It was horrible but I got through it. You too will get through this and many more difficult days, you'll end up having more and more better days though and the hard days will become few and far between & become easier to handle the more experienced you become at dealing with them. It's a trial and error thing, a learning experience. You will get there!
  • Kazzy September 07, 2015 | 19:57
    Hi fullofhope, great work 14 days! I feel the same at times, weird lonely feelings, I'm comparing them to the grief process! My husband gave up with me but he started again I wasn't going to cave in this time! It was our time to chat and chill over our hard to handle daughter with autism! I even felt lonely at work where I had 2 smoker friends! The lonely feeling is getting better now! Hang in there everyday is a new fresh day xx

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