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Hunter New England

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Posted in Staying quit 27 Aug 2015

Just a short update. I received a email from iCanQuit today asking if I had slipped up or "If you've successfully stayed quit, why not give back to the iCanQuit community " So here I am. I have NOT slipped and I have stayed QUIT for 897 days YAY. The cravings I use to get are far into the distant past. I am so pleased I went through the physical and mental withdrawals and I dreamed of being in this place and thought it never possible. I am here to say I am at the other end of the tunnel and life is GOOD, easier, less guilty, less stress and to be able to do things and go places without wondering if my breath stinks( fyi I now can say yes your breath stinks no matter what disguises you use, I now can tell you that) My lungs now say thankyou, I am riding my push bike to raise money for kids cancer(couldn't do before, it was a dream), I also swim,do archery,walking and more. Keep up the challenge that ciggy is trying to get you to do. YOU ARE IN CHARGE NOT THE CIGARETTE. You can do it. Slip, don't let that slip let you say I give up trying . Get back up and keep on trying to win the battle.

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  • quit4eva , Central Coast August 27, 2015 | 9:04
    Well done MargW. I too received this email and am proud to be on my 1219 day smoke free!! I agree with everything you've said. I never thought I could quit and now I don't even think about them anymore. You can do it too people!!!! Good luck to you all.
  • MargW , Hunter New England August 27, 2015 | 16:29
    I remember you quit4eva you encouraged me on my journey as well. Thankyou and congratulations! I am never smoking again, it was a lesson in not to become addicted to anything. Yes if I can do it GO FOR IT PEOPLE it is worth it.
  • Lizzie 1 , Western NSW August 27, 2015 | 16:53
    What amazing stories from you ladies and huge congrats . I am 40 days tomorrow sooo looking forward to 800+ days too lol.
  • MargW , Hunter New England August 27, 2015 | 18:50
    Keep up the good work 40days is great. I was the same and now here I am, you will as well. It is a journey.
  • Fullofhope , South Eastern Sydney August 28, 2015 | 22:15
    Your stories inspire me. Having no friends who smoke (and therefore no-one who can understand the challenge) has made my first week of non-smoking challenging and lonesome. I am so glad I discovered this site and can be encouraged by such wonderful success stories. I hope it gets easier as I have had some scary moments in the past two days. I am taking Zyban but cannot necessarily work out what good it is doing.
  • MargW , Hunter New England August 29, 2015 | 7:27
    Hi Fullofhope, It can be scary and lonely even if you have people around because you realise that YOU are the only one that can do this and you can. I have come out a stronger and more confident person since I went through the withdrawals and life changing moments you will go through. Just keep thinking of your health and freedom you will have. Use these pages and write your story and if you need support come on here and ask. There is always someone and it does help. Just type my or any ones name in the search and that persons story will come up. I gave up using patches for a while but because of my situation I had to do cold turkey. I did eat a lot more Lol. It is a emotional rollacoaster but you will can strong.
  • Fullofhope , South Eastern Sydney August 31, 2015 | 22:20
    Thank you for your encouragement and for showing me how I can follow a story. I know I will be a stronger person if I can do battle with the daily challenges of withdrawal. What is motivating is hearing about the success of others who stuck with it.

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