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Smoking affects everything...

Posted in Hints and tips 26 Aug 2015

Hi all,

It is almost 7 months since my last drag of a cigarette.

I no longer have any urge or impulse to suck cigarette smoke or any other type of smoke into my damaged lungs.

Since stopping to suck smoke into my lungs I have realised a number of facts relating to this dreadful habit.

1. Smoking effects everything.

2. Smoking reduces the ability of blood to deliver oxygen throughout the body.

3. Smoking causes tooth decay.

4. Smoking causes hair loss.

5. Smoking causes halitosis.

6. Smoking causes stress - smokers are more likely to be stressed than non-smokers as smoking itself causes a cycle of having to smoke to relieve stressful withdrawal symptoms which were originally caused by smoking in the first place. Only quitting can stop the cycle...

7. Smoking reduces sexual function and desire (blood flow ...)

8. Smoking does not in anyway assist the lungs/heart and/or the body of the smoker to become old; in fact smoking almost certainly guarantees the smoker and his/her lungs/heart of an early mark...

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  • shasha September 03, 2015 | 17:54
    Thanks for your post,this is exactly what I need to hear!
  • cath57, Illawarra Shoalhaven February 01, 2016 | 8:51
    Good thoughts for me the reason I am giving up

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